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Scots Women’s Swim and Dive receive All-American Academic Honors

KYLE SCHECKPHOTOGRAPHER JON BEERBOWERSPORTS WRITER 2/20/2023 On Feb 3 the Alma College Women’s Swim and Dive team was named as a CSCAA All-American team for the Fall 2022 semester with a combined GPA of 3.6. “I am so proud of the women’s team in and out of the pool, their ability to balance academics, practice, […]

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Supportive or intrusive: there’s a “Fine Line”

ALIVIA GILESLAYOUT EDITOR 2/20/2023 With out-of-the-box red-carpet looks and energetic performances, Harry Styles finds himself the center of attention at most music award shows. This year at the Grammys though, a comment Styles made had many fans making assumptions about the artist’s gender identity and sexual orientation, which are, frankly, nobody’s businesses. In his acceptance […]

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New clubs approved at StuCo

SALEM GRAYSTAFF WRITER 2/20/2023 On Feb. 6, 2023, Student Congress approved four new clubs on campus: IPHS Club, Water Polo Club, Diversity in STEM and Squirrel Club. Typically, only one or two clubs are introduced during constitution committees. This was the largest number of clubs approved at a Student Congress meeting within the last few […]

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Alma Biggby Coffee accused of discrimination

ALIVIA GILESLAYOUT EDITOR 2/20/2023 The Alma and St. Louis Biggby Coffee stores are facing backlash following the new owners’, Erin and John Fitzgerald, decision to no longer allow students from Alma Public Schools’ Moderately Cognitively Impaired (MoCI) program to work in their Alma location. Through this program, which was started by the Gratiot-Isabella Regional Educational Service […]

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The Alma College Division III Experience

MEGAN NEELEYCOPY EDITOR 2/20/2023 The Three D’s: Discover, Develop and Dedicate, according to the official website of NCAA Division III sports, specifies student athletes should be “encouraged to pursue their interests and passions beyond the classroom and field of play… to discover themselves.” The NCAA Division III website also relays that the “emphasis on participating […]

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The cost of MUN

LIATHANO RAMIREZPHOTOGRAPHER CLAIRE WITTLIEFFLAYOUT EDITOR 2/20/2023 Everyone on this campus is either a part of Alma College’s Model United Nations team, or knows someone who is. With Alma College being a small, liberal arts college, it is rather impressive that our team is both nationally and internationally recognized. I mean, come on, the team was a Jeopardy! […]

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IRS tells taxpayers to hold off

LIATHANO RAMIREZGRAPHIC DESIGNER REYNA JAYSONSTAFF WRITER 2/20/2023 On Feb. 3, 2023, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) told taxpayers who received special tax payments or refunds in 2022 from the state in which they reside to wait on filing their federal taxes until additional guidance was provided. In 2022, over 20 states provided a one-time state refund to deliver relief related to […]