Weekly Horoscopes 11/7/2022


Aries (March 21st-April 19th)

This is the last month of Jupiter in your perception. Use this time to understand a broader purpose in life that you have once thought about. 

Taurus (April 20th-May 20th)

Towards the beginning of the week, Luna will be surrounding you with a full moon. This is the perfect time for you to release all worries and have a clear mind in what you want to carry out in the future. 

Gemini (May 21st-June 20th)

Now is the time for Gemini to take a break from their social life. Recently you may have been feeling submerged in secrets and confusing situations from friends and acquaintances. Take a break and find your own time. 

Cancer (June 21st-July 22nd)

You have been feeling worn out within the personal activities surrounding your life. Your financial life may feel like a struggle right now, but your strong ability to adapt will come into play. 

Leo (July 23rd-August 22nd)

During the end of this week, and the start of the upcoming week you may feel a rush of emotions coming and then going. This may be scary and confusing but pay attention to the true meaning of why you feel that way. 

Virgo (August 23rd- September 22nd)

You have been feeling very much out of place recently. Try to include yourself in the moment more and learn to pay attention to what is essential to your success and comfort. 

Libra (September 23rd- October 22nd)

The dwarf planet of Makemake may give you a strong feeling of love towards your environment. Especially as the seasons are changing, you may feel a powerful desire to sense the beauty around you. 

Scorpio (October 23rd-November 21st)

You still have access to the Sun with the capability of seeing the beauty within life and having creative sense that you may have struggled with in the past few weeks. 

Sagittarius (November 22nd- December 21st)

Now is the calm before the storm. Sit down and relax and enjoy the peace in your life right now. Jupiter is coming towards you within the next couple of weeks and might present itself through complicated relationships. 

Capricorn (December 22nd- January 19th)

Capricorn has been feeling overly confident with themselves and their decisions lately. Do not let your strong morals be destroyed by people who do not understand your reasoning and ideas. 

Aquarius (January 20th- February 18th)

Handling responsibility has been an ongoing struggle for you lately. There is tension between what you know you need to do and what is easiest has been most present. Keep your head high and do what feels right. 

Pisces (February 19th- March 20th)

You have been setting necessary boundaries within family and friends in your life. You may feel a sense of regret and overreaction. Remember that setting these boundaries is putting yourself first, and that sometimes that is the best option. 

Alma College football remains undefeated




Following a 30-10 victory against Adrian College on Nov. 5, the Alma College football team remains undefeated.

Coming back from their 5-5 record in the 2021 season, the Scots have won all nine of their games so far this year. This is the first time Alma College football has gone 9-0 in the program’s 128-year history.

If the Scots win their tenth game on Nov. 12 against Albion College, they will guarantee their spot in the MIAA Championship.

Jason Couch, Alma College head football coach, is happy to see his players’ and coaches’ hard work paying off.

“I think it means a lot, not only to our players but our alumni and campus community.  For the players and coaches, it validates the countless hours of commitment they have given since our last game in 2021,” said Couch.

For Couch, their success this season extends past the Alma College community. “Gaining respect within the conference [is important] and our players do a great job motivating one another,” said Couch.

“There are days I’m tired but when I get out to practice and feel the energy of others I’m rejuvenated. Attitudes and energy are contagious and I love the atmosphere of our practices.”

Zachary Riepma, assistant coach – offensive coordinator is proud of how hard the team has worked toward their goal this season.

“It has never been about the destination, but the process and the journey of ‘climbing the mountain.’ CLIMB stands for Commitment, Leadership, Intensity, Maturity and Belief,” said Riepma.

Finishing his career as a Scot, William Hampton (’23) is excited to be a part of Alma College history.

“I can’t even begin to put in words what a MIAA Championship will mean to me, this program and this community,” said Hampton.

Hampton is proud of the Scots for surpassing expectations. “We were picked preseason to finish 6th in the conference. Alma football hasn’t won a conference championship in 18 years so it would be special,” said Hampton.

Hampton feels that the team owes a lot to Couch for their success this season. “Knowing that I was a part of Coach Couch’s first recruiting class and to get him a Conference Championship would mean the world to me,” said Couch.

“He’s a great coach but, an even better man that wants to see his players not only succeed on the field but as well as off the field,” said Couch. “This would mean so much to past, present and future Scots.”

Sage Kraai (’23) does feel a sense of pressure to finish the season strong, but uses this as motivation.

“Being undefeated is a lot of fun, but it places a large target on us. Everyone wants to beat us and is doing everything in their power to beat us,” said Kraai. “I don’t think it creates too much stress for us players. We like to have the chip on our shoulders. We have been preparing for this moment.”

Gossip Squirrel 11/7/2022

Dear Gossip Squirrel,
What is the] Best advice on beating burnout? Between classes, clubs, FSL stuff, working 3 jobs, and trying to have a social life, it’s really hard. I can’t quit anything I’m doing so I’m not sure how to find a second in the day to take a break.

Dear SOS,
One of the hardest things you can do as a busy person is fill up your schedule to the brim. Most of the time you don’t mean to but your commitment to your many roles can definitely make you very busy. It is important that you are finding sometime in your busy schedule for yourself. This can be the time saved to socialize and the relax. If burnout is a big worry focus on getting through everything little by little. If you think about your commitments ahead of time as you are planning a weekly schedule, managing these commitments and finding free time could get easier. Make sure to take some time to stop and rest since being busy constantly can tire you out and lead you to a deeper burn out. If you can’t find any free time consider scheduling it in when planning.
-Gossip Squirrel

Dear Gossip Squirrel,
Signing up for classes had to be one of the most stressful parts of my past week. When I ended up going to sign up for my classes, two were already full and had a waitlist. I also emailed professors and they told me there is nothing I can do but wait to see if someone drops either the class or the waitlist.
-Scheduling Nightmare

Dear Scheduling Nightmare,
I think every Alma College student can agree with you when it comes to the struggles of registering. What is crucial about deciding your schedule is that you have backups. As people with more credits register, many classes will fill up. Making sure that you have backup courses in case they get filled up, can help you in taking required courses and filling up your schedule. It can be easier to schedule classes in your major since they are requirements and teachers might feel slightly obligated to let you in but when it comes to other classes the waitlist can be the pretty hard to come off of. Going in and talking with the professor in
person can be a great way to see if the professor is willing to expand their class a little bit but having backups will help tremendously in the process of making your schedule.
-Gossip Squirrel

Gossip Squirrel 10/3/2022

Dear Gossip Squirrel,
I have had the busiest semester and feel like I have signed up for a lot that I’m not fully prepared for. Classes have been crazy, but I feel like I always have meetings until 8:00pm.

-I just want a break

Dear I just want a break,
So sorry that you have been having some hectic moments this semester. The best thing you can do is look ahead and rest. If you have a good idea of what your workload looks like, making sure you get your work done early is crucial! Always make sure that you are also giving yourself time to relax. Frustration will only make everything more complicated so make sure to take a break to reset.

– Gossip Squirrel

Dear Gossip Squirrel,
I feel like I have had a pretty bad relationship with one of my teachers. Though I don’t focus the best in class, I definitely try to keep a good exchange between us plus I try to ask questions and have always been good about turning my work in.

-Teacher hates me

Dear teacher hates me,
It can be frustrating putting in effort for a class in which you don’t feel like your work is being appreciated. The best thing you can do as a student is continuing to do exactly what you are doing. Continue to be diligent about your work and continue asking your teacher questions. Though your teacher might not see the amount of effort you are putting in your work, your overall understanding of the class and your motivation to get your work done will help you be successful in your class.

-Gossip Squirrel

Unionization of Chipotle includes Alma alum



On Thursday, August 25, staff members of a Lansing-area Chipotle restaurant voted to form a union. The workers will be forming with the International Brotherhood of Teamsters.

The next steps consist of polling workers to find out what should be included in the upcoming contract which will be brought to the bargaining table.

The organizing seems like a timely event in honor of the celebration of Labor Day, a holiday which pays tribute to the dedication and hard work of American workers.

Alma alumnus Atulya Dora-Laskey was among the staff members to inspire a union organization and is optimistic about the changes being made. 

“The unionization of Chipotle workers is an important step to helping workers build collective power to not only improve their working conditions and pay but also the entire country. I’m very excited to be part of an organizing effort to help unite fast food workers into a union,” Dora-Laskey said.

Along with his excitement, Dora-Laskey also explains what got the wheels in motion for forming a union. 

“For a while many Chipotle crew members tried bringing up concerns and requests up to management individually only to get ignored––and in one case even fired. We decided that this wasn’t workable, and that the history of workers in this country pointed to unions being the only solution.”

Dora-Laskey also recognizes possible drawbacks to workers unionizing. “The most prominent drawback to unionizing is that sometimes a corporation will try to informally retaliate against you for unionizing,” he said.

“There have been a lot of Starbucks and Amazon workers who have been fired over the last year after they helped lead union efforts at their stores. Retaliation like this just goes to show how much power a union can give workers.”

Further emphasis was placed on how the Chipotle company did not agree with the idea of their employees unionizing, where they acted “super concerned” about workers paying union dues.

“One aspect they kept mentioning was that we would pay dues to a union. Like any organization, unions take money to run. Dues are great because it means that your union is accountable to you and your coworkers, no one else. With the Teamsters, we would also get to vote on our contract before we start paying dues, and no one would vote for a contract where they were making less money than before,” according to Dora-Laskey.

Maris Fett, another Alma College alumnus who is a union organizer for the Michigan Nurses Association, expressed how the recent union organization could impact other fast food chains, as well as benefit other workers.

“I think this will benefit the union in general. I definitely think this has really inspired a new generation of union leaders,” Fett said, further mentioning that a few popular chains with locations in Ann Arbor, Michigan, have also decided to unionize based on the action of other businesses. “Similar businesses are realizing that if [other] places are doing it, [they] can do it too. It really is amazing.” As of September 1, workers of the Lansing-area Chipotle location are fearing closure after voting to unionize. Nevertheless, thirteen other Chipotle locations in the states of New York and Maine are documented to unionize.


Dear GossipSquirrel,
I was put in quarantine and have had a really hard time with keeping up with my school work. I also have had a hard time just being by myself. How do I make sure I have a better time in quarantine?
-Isolated and sick

Dear Isolated and sick,
Quarantine can be a stressful time, especially when you are alone for all of it. When it comes to keeping up with your school work, communication is key. Making sure to communicate with your teachers is very important. By reaching out to them you might be able to figure out some accommodations for certain assignments. If you aren’t able to join class online it is essential to keep up with your readings and lectures (if they are posted by your teacher) to ensure that you keep up with what the topics being learned in class. When it comes to being alone for so long it is important that you are keeping up with good mental health habits. Sometimes trying to fill the time can help and other times some time to relax can help. If you are sick with symptoms make sure to rest and stay hydrated.

Dear GossipSquirrel,
I’m thinking of checking out Greek life in my future and just saw some of my friends go through sorority recruitment and other friends start to get excited about fraternity recruitment. I’m still considering it but am not 100% convinced. Would it be a good idea?

Dear Greeklifequestions,
If you are in any way intrigued by Fraternity Sorority Life on campus, then I think checking it out during recruitment is a great idea. The best part about recruitment is that you are able to see what FSL is like at Alma College through the process of recruitment without having to 100% commit to an organization. If by the end of recruitment you decide that it isn’t for you then you can decide to not accept a bid to any FSL organization. The best thing is going through recruitment is finding a home so giving it a try could end up being a great decision. Main recruitment for sororities occur in the fall while an informal recruitment occurred in the winter and formal recruitment for fraternities is starting this winter with an informal recruitment happening in the fall.

The impact of celebrities on social culture

Sarah Sheathelm


On Dec. 31, 2022, actress and known animal welfare activist Betty White died at the age of 99, mere days before her 100th birthday.  Immediately, social media was up in flames over her passing and in seemingly minutes, the entire world had found out.

Twitter erupted with Tweets that read something similar to, “imagine you die at 99 and a whole country agreeing it was not long enough.” Others read, “you inspired generations, what will we do without you.”

Seeing the unrest over Betty White’s passing, and then short after the sudden passing of classic television dad, Bob Saget, how much of an impact, either positive or negative, do celebrities have on our everyday life as college students and beyond.

As one who has found writing this as a moment of reflection on my own behavior, it is easy to see how celebrities work themselves into our everyday lives.

Similarly, students share their opinions on how our generation views celebrities.  “Celebrities have a very impactful influence on our lives by influencing what we either agree or disagree with, what we wear, or even how we spend our free time,” said Emma Neyer (‘24).

It is the societal norm to want to look up to those who are in the public eye, either positively or negatively. “Many people look up to different celebrities and want to be like them, shaping them to personally adapt what they do,” said Neyer.

This year, after White passed, social media was flooded with information regarding the ‘Betty White Challenge.’  Of that, entailed the donating of a minimum amount of five dollars to a local animal shelter.  According to an article published by CBS, donations to American Human have quadrupled since her passing in late December and local shelters were grateful to receive thousands of dollars in donations to help animals in need.

However, the impacts that celebrities have on us may be causing issues as to which person in the public eye we choose to attach to.  While White may have stood for strong, positive ideas, not all celebrities will lead us in the direction of selflessness. 

Some students thought on why we should not be so attached to our favorite celebrities. “People have such high hopes for celebrities and put them at a God-like status and I just do not understand it,” said Allyson Ehlert (‘24). “They are never going to do everything you want [or] be everything you want them to be.”

As one who has found herself in multiple different types of fanbases, I do my best to not put these people on a pedestal, because they are simply just that: people. It should not take the passing of a well-known animal welfare activist to motivate us to donate money to a charity for the same reason that celebrities, or their managers, go out of their way to make it known when they do something positive in order to dig for a positive reaction from fans.

This is not to say that many celebrities do make charitable donations out of the goodness of their hearts, but it goes without saying that many do so to recieve positive feedback from fans. This is where we find the problem.

“They are creeps, addicts, they are deceitful, they are human.  Hold them accountable and just do not be surprised when you find out they are not perfect,” said Ehlert.

When it comes to the impact and hold that celebrities have on us, it is completely up to us as individuals to decide how large the impact or strong the hold. No matter what, we have to remember that they are people too, and they should be held responsible for their actions.

While it is nothing short of normal to have a role-model figure to look up to, it should always be the goal to stay true to yourself.

Assault Charges Brought Against Former House Speaker

Felix Stoll



Lee Chatfield is an American politician affiliated with the Republican party. He was the speaker pro tempore from 2017 to 2019 and was eventually elected to be speaker of the Michigan House of Representatives in 2019.

During Chatfield’s time in the political system, he became well known for clashing with other House and Senate politicians. Some of the plans he went on record as opposing were the Medicaid Expansion plans in 2014, the extension of Michigan’s Elliott-Larsen Civil Rights Act along with Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s state budget, road funding, auto-insurance and COVID-19 plans.

Other records of Lee Chatfield’s time in office include fines from 2018 when he attempted to bring a loaded, unregistered handgun onto a commercial flight at Pellston Regional Airport. The fines for this incident included $250 for failure to have a license for the firearm he purchased in December of 2015 as well as $1,960 from the Transportation Security Administration. This occurred after Chatfield had introduced a bill to make handgun registration voluntary[WJB1] .

Additionally, Chatfield became one of many politicians associated with former President Donald Trump during the 2020 election. His association with the former president was most noted during the legal battles regarding the vote count in Michigan.

In January of 2022, Okemos attorney Jamie White came forward with allegations for sexual abuse against Lee Chatfield. White is the attorney who represented multiple women in the case against Larry Nassar the former Michigan State University gymnastics trainer as well as victims currently suing the University of Michigan.

The allegations state that Chatfield sexually abused a girl beginning eleven years ago when she was fifteen and Chatfield was 21 and that said abuse only recently came to an end. The duration of the allegations come from when Chatfield was a teacher at the Northern Michigan Christian Academy as well as during his time as a member at the Northern Michigan Baptist Bible Church, both of which Chatfield’s father maintained strong influence over.

Rebekah Chatfield, who married the younger brother Aaron Chatfield at nineteen, alleges that the abuse took place beginning when she began to date Aaron and that it continued after their marriage. She states that Lee used his position, her relationship to his brother and her vulnerability due to poor home life to keep her under his control.

“He destroyed me, and has controlled my life since I was 15-16, the past 10-11 years and I know the only way to get justice for this is to come forward and file a (criminal) complaint against him,” said Rebekah.

Chatfield has gone on record to deny the allegations made against him by his now twenty-seven year old sister in law. His lawyer has made a statement in which he says that Chatfield has had extramarital affairs, but that he and the alleged victim were both consenting adults. Chatfield says that he will continue to fight the claims brought against him and that he plans to work through this difficult time with his wife and family.

Additional people have come forward since the initial allegations to aid in providing credibility for Rebekah. Former classmate Alexis Prince has made statements regarding both the school and church run by the Chatfields. She referred to the institutions as “cult-like” with rules and stipulations regarding how young girls ought to present and act around the boys as well as physical discipline such as spankings.

She continued by saying that the church is like its own little bubble of people who knew and followed the rules. The rules were described by Alexis as being “over the top, abusive and manipulative.”

 [WJB1]ok Chatfield, buddy, moral insubordinate…let’s slam on those brakes


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