Bi-Weekly Horoscopes 2/20/2023


Aries (March 21st-April 19th)
High levels of creativity will be on your mind very soon. Now is the time for you to pick up a new hobby, learn something new or complete a goal that you have always wanted to try.

Taurus (April 20th-May 20th)
This past week has been exhausting and filled with low self-esteem. Stay relaxed and understand that you are strong willed enough to get through this next week.

Gemini (May 21st-June 20th)
Goals are being accomplished and hard work is finally starting to pay off. Gemini is feeling nervous about a big new step in life. Stay optimistic and proud of your own successes. Focus is key now more than ever.

Cancer (June 21st-July 22nd)
A strong desire for harmony has been pushing you over the edge. A strong need for security and certainty is highly wanted. Be patient and keep working hard to get to your goals in life.

Leo (July 23rd-August 22nd)
Constant stress over several aspects of life has been on your mind. Now is the time to stop and enjoy what life has to offer. This might look like you connecting with nature or enjoying the small things in life.

Virgo (August 23rd- September 22nd)
Virgo has been a hot head over small annoyances this past week. You strive for perfection and efficiency which have not been met by those around you and are causing stress. Know that those around you care about you.

Libra (September 23rd- October 22nd)
Your smile and positiveness are starting to attract more people into your life and will not stop anytime soon. People around you are willing to offer friendship and kindness once you are ready to let them in.

Scorpio (October 23rd-November 21st)
Scorpio has been struggling with comparing themselves to others. Remember that you are not alone, and we are not all so different from each other.

Sagittarius (November 22nd- December 21st)
Recent feelings of guilt have been overcrowding your mind these last few days. Trust your instincts and believe in your own consciousness.

Capricorn (December 22nd- January 19th)
Your strong morals are crumbling and becoming confusing from what you know. Let yourself experience a new change in way of thinking. Try to embrace the person that you are becoming.

Aquarius (January 20th- February 18th)
Lately Aquarius has been feeling blue and pessimistic about life. Now is this time for your hopeful spirit to take charge and make a change.

Pisces (February 19th- March 20th)
During the end of this week, you will feel a loss in confidence and confusion towards decisions. Venus is leaving you and heading towards Aires. Focus on your strengths and be kind to yourself.

Scots Women’s Swim and Dive receive All-American Academic Honors




On Feb 3 the Alma College Women’s Swim and Dive team was named as a CSCAA All-American team for the Fall 2022 semester with a combined GPA of 3.6.

“I am so proud of the women’s team in and out of the pool, their ability to balance academics, practice, competitions and still ha ve time to have fun . . . I have the utmost respect for all the women and their hard work” said Nick Polzin head coach of the swim and dive team.

Not only did the women get the highest academic honors nationally in the swim circuit, they also had the highest GPA in the Michigan Intercollegiate Athletic Association (MIAA), where they compete.

“It’s never easy being a student athlete at a Division 3 level,” said Grace Ludema (26’). “I’ve only been here for one semester and made academics my number one priority, sometimes it would be so much easier to come back after practice and just go to sleep, but the standard that the women’s team has for their academics is a driving force for my academic performance.”

This isn’t the first time that the Alma College Swim and Dive team has been in the academic spotlight. The Women’s team received the same CSCAA Academic award for their performance in Fall 2020

“Being a part of two all American squads is an honor, the first one [in 2020] was a challenge, because it was my first semester here at Alma. Classes were online and it was hard at times to find the motivation to put in the effort with a busy swim schedule,” said Abby Taylor (24’).

The men’s Swim and Dive team is also looking to match what the women’s team has been doing both in and out of the pool.

“Seeing the way that the women balance their swim and school is inspiring,” said Eli Mull (26’). “I could see the men’s team becoming the academic weapons that the women are. I see a bright future for the men in the pool and in the classroom. Good grades and winning meets are no doubt in our future.”

The women’s team had an impressive 3.6 GPA as a group which is .6 over the minimum 3.0 needed collectively to receive the award. The women showed their drive competing exhaustively twice a day starting with practice at 6 AM followed by class and another practice later, leaving them with little time for school work. Impressively they still found a way.

The women’s activity in the classroom also reflects what coach Nick Polzin preaches in his team values.

“The values I build this team on are dependability, respect and growth. The women have exceeded my expectations challenging themselves to improve and grow in the classroom, at practices and in life. They have motivation and discipline and make sure everyday is dedicated to improving,” said Polzin.

Even though the lady Scots have ended their season in the pool this past weekend at the MIAA championships with season and personal best times, they will continue to work hard in the classroom and look to receive national honors yet again.

What’s up with Scotty?




Scotty has long been a staple of Alma College’s campus community from the days of old when it w as a Scottish Terrier, to a more cartoonish figure to its current state as a masculine Scottish man. These changes over the years reflect a change in branding associated with Alma College the same as switching the school ’s nickname from the Fighting Presbyterians to the Scots in the 1930s.

Across campus students and faculty alike have seen changes in the way in which Scotty has been portrayed across campus this year. From his removal in the Admissions office to his decreased presence at athletic events, everyone has taken notice and formed opinions on the matter.

Nonetheless, students and faculty can rest assured that Scotty is not going anywhere and will retain his current form for the foreseeable future.

“I think the rumors [about Scotty] have been squashed at the cabinet level and Scotty is not going away,” said Sarah Dehring, Vice President and Director of Athletics at Alma College.

Melinda Booth, Vice President for Communications and Marketing agreed with Dehring stating that there are no current plans to phase out or replace Scotty in any way.

The rumors Sarah mentioned were ones started by students who were under the impression that Scotty would change his outward appearance and take on the likeness of a Highland cow or possibly even a squirrel. Posters ha ve sprung up around campus both in favor of and against the squirrel as a potential new representation of Scotty.

All of this comes as schools across the country have been forced to reconsider or outright change their mascot in the name of better reflecting diversity and inclusion.

Some of the pushback against Scotty as he currently stands is that he is not representative of Alma College’s mission of creating a diverse and inclusive community for all students. His overt masculinity is just one example of an aspect of his outward appearance that comes under scrutiny.

Other examples of things highlighted as problematic with Scotty include his Northern European likeness which to some may represent colonial values and oppression.

Jonathan Glenn, Director of Diversity and Inclusion could not be reached for comment on this article.

In terms of utilizing Scotty in athletics, he has never been a key part of any logo and according to Dehring, the Alma College community can expect to see the Plaid “A” being representative of Alma College Athletics.

“We are the Scots, we are in Scotland, USA, I don’t think the Scotty name will ever go away,” said Dehring.

The same may not be true for the Alma College tartan however at other levels in future Alma College marketing. One specific aspect that the Alma College community may see slight changes in is the Alma College plaid or tartan.

“The plaid is not being phased out of all marketing materials,” said Booth, “we have begun to use less of [the plaid] ondigital platforms like web and social media where it can look heavy or a bit dark.”

Others involved in making future decisions about Scotty as well as the Alma College tartan include Raymond Barclay, Chief Operating Officer of Alma College, who also could not be reached for comment on this article.

Despite swirling rumors, it seems likely for now that Alma College’s mascot will remain to be Scotty for the future.

Alma College holds annual Festival of Carols



On Dec. 3 and 4 Alma College celebrated the beginning of the holiday season with the Festival of Carols. 

For many years, the Festival of Carols has been a tradition on campus. 

It is a time where the Alma Choirs and Chamber Orchestra come together and open the doors of the Remick Heritage Center for the entire community. 

The Alma Choir has worked on Festival of Carols months in advance and this w as their fourth program this semester. 

The performance began with the song “O Come, All Ye Faithful ” followed by a few other well-known songs such as “Away in a Manger,” “Hark the Herald Angel Sing” and “The First Noel.” 

The program was recorded professionally Dec. 1 in a private rehearsal as well as on the days of the actual performances themselves. The Alma College YouTube page has recordings from these performances as well as ones from previous years. 

The Chorale and the Alma Choir rehearsed from three to five days weekly for multiple songs including the latter for their hour performance to end the semester. 

“I like to perform, but I really love to rehearse, and I love spending time with the singers, so I never get tired of rehearsal,” said Secrest Professor of Music Will Nichols. 

Additionally, the Choir needed to focus singing on unison despite their numbers. 

“They know all the notes and rhythms, we are just trying to polish the performance which can be a challenge with forty or fifty people singing all at once. The Marching Band does that in their marching and we are trying to do the exact thing with our words and the music we are singing,” said Nichols. 

Out of these holiday songs, “this music is to give a bit of peace because we’re not singing super energetic songs, we want them to have enjoyment because that’s the kind of holiday season, it’s about enjoying this time and celebration of faith and togetherness, however, you want to interpret them,” said David Troyer (’24)

Celebrating the holiday season is not only about experiencing joy, but also sharing that joy. 

“These songs showcase that because of our combined efforts, our combined musicality: instrumental and vocal. We also are singing songs from different cultures where we have a French carol, an English carol and songs that people know really well and some songs that they probably never heard before. We want to also show the inclusivity of the season as well,” said Troyer.

The Chamber Orchestra has also been rehearsing alongside the Alma Choirs with equal efforts. With the help of Co-Conductor Takeshi Abo, those like Abigail Skerik, a violinist and following concertmaster, have gotten the chance to work in collaboration with the Choirs to celebrate the holiday.

“I have really enjoyed rehearsing both with just the other strings and also the experience of getting to play with the choir and some wind instruments for the first time in a while,” said Abigail Skerik (’23)

The Alma Choirs and the Chamber Orchestra’s collaboration has brought new experiences and the aspiration to bring joy to start the holiday season.

“I just hope the audience enjoys the performance and that all the carols get everybody in high spirits for the holidays coming up. I think it will be very exciting to show everybody what we have been working on and I hope the audience enjoys the entire show,” said Skerik.

Weekly Horoscopes 11/7/2022


Aries (March 21st-April 19th)

This is the last month of Jupiter in your perception. Use this time to understand a broader purpose in life that you have once thought about. 

Taurus (April 20th-May 20th)

Towards the beginning of the week, Luna will be surrounding you with a full moon. This is the perfect time for you to release all worries and have a clear mind in what you want to carry out in the future. 

Gemini (May 21st-June 20th)

Now is the time for Gemini to take a break from their social life. Recently you may have been feeling submerged in secrets and confusing situations from friends and acquaintances. Take a break and find your own time. 

Cancer (June 21st-July 22nd)

You have been feeling worn out within the personal activities surrounding your life. Your financial life may feel like a struggle right now, but your strong ability to adapt will come into play. 

Leo (July 23rd-August 22nd)

During the end of this week, and the start of the upcoming week you may feel a rush of emotions coming and then going. This may be scary and confusing but pay attention to the true meaning of why you feel that way. 

Virgo (August 23rd- September 22nd)

You have been feeling very much out of place recently. Try to include yourself in the moment more and learn to pay attention to what is essential to your success and comfort. 

Libra (September 23rd- October 22nd)

The dwarf planet of Makemake may give you a strong feeling of love towards your environment. Especially as the seasons are changing, you may feel a powerful desire to sense the beauty around you. 

Scorpio (October 23rd-November 21st)

You still have access to the Sun with the capability of seeing the beauty within life and having creative sense that you may have struggled with in the past few weeks. 

Sagittarius (November 22nd- December 21st)

Now is the calm before the storm. Sit down and relax and enjoy the peace in your life right now. Jupiter is coming towards you within the next couple of weeks and might present itself through complicated relationships. 

Capricorn (December 22nd- January 19th)

Capricorn has been feeling overly confident with themselves and their decisions lately. Do not let your strong morals be destroyed by people who do not understand your reasoning and ideas. 

Aquarius (January 20th- February 18th)

Handling responsibility has been an ongoing struggle for you lately. There is tension between what you know you need to do and what is easiest has been most present. Keep your head high and do what feels right. 

Pisces (February 19th- March 20th)

You have been setting necessary boundaries within family and friends in your life. You may feel a sense of regret and overreaction. Remember that setting these boundaries is putting yourself first, and that sometimes that is the best option. 

Alma College football remains undefeated




Following a 30-10 victory against Adrian College on Nov. 5, the Alma College football team remains undefeated.

Coming back from their 5-5 record in the 2021 season, the Scots have won all nine of their games so far this year. This is the first time Alma College football has gone 9-0 in the program’s 128-year history.

If the Scots win their tenth game on Nov. 12 against Albion College, they will guarantee their spot in the MIAA Championship.

Jason Couch, Alma College head football coach, is happy to see his players’ and coaches’ hard work paying off.

“I think it means a lot, not only to our players but our alumni and campus community.  For the players and coaches, it validates the countless hours of commitment they have given since our last game in 2021,” said Couch.

For Couch, their success this season extends past the Alma College community. “Gaining respect within the conference [is important] and our players do a great job motivating one another,” said Couch.

“There are days I’m tired but when I get out to practice and feel the energy of others I’m rejuvenated. Attitudes and energy are contagious and I love the atmosphere of our practices.”

Zachary Riepma, assistant coach – offensive coordinator is proud of how hard the team has worked toward their goal this season.

“It has never been about the destination, but the process and the journey of ‘climbing the mountain.’ CLIMB stands for Commitment, Leadership, Intensity, Maturity and Belief,” said Riepma.

Finishing his career as a Scot, William Hampton (’23) is excited to be a part of Alma College history.

“I can’t even begin to put in words what a MIAA Championship will mean to me, this program and this community,” said Hampton.

Hampton is proud of the Scots for surpassing expectations. “We were picked preseason to finish 6th in the conference. Alma football hasn’t won a conference championship in 18 years so it would be special,” said Hampton.

Hampton feels that the team owes a lot to Couch for their success this season. “Knowing that I was a part of Coach Couch’s first recruiting class and to get him a Conference Championship would mean the world to me,” said Couch.

“He’s a great coach but, an even better man that wants to see his players not only succeed on the field but as well as off the field,” said Couch. “This would mean so much to past, present and future Scots.”

Sage Kraai (’23) does feel a sense of pressure to finish the season strong, but uses this as motivation.

“Being undefeated is a lot of fun, but it places a large target on us. Everyone wants to beat us and is doing everything in their power to beat us,” said Kraai. “I don’t think it creates too much stress for us players. We like to have the chip on our shoulders. We have been preparing for this moment.”

Gossip Squirrel 11/7/2022

Dear Gossip Squirrel,
What is the] Best advice on beating burnout? Between classes, clubs, FSL stuff, working 3 jobs, and trying to have a social life, it’s really hard. I can’t quit anything I’m doing so I’m not sure how to find a second in the day to take a break.

Dear SOS,
One of the hardest things you can do as a busy person is fill up your schedule to the brim. Most of the time you don’t mean to but your commitment to your many roles can definitely make you very busy. It is important that you are finding sometime in your busy schedule for yourself. This can be the time saved to socialize and the relax. If burnout is a big worry focus on getting through everything little by little. If you think about your commitments ahead of time as you are planning a weekly schedule, managing these commitments and finding free time could get easier. Make sure to take some time to stop and rest since being busy constantly can tire you out and lead you to a deeper burn out. If you can’t find any free time consider scheduling it in when planning.
-Gossip Squirrel

Dear Gossip Squirrel,
Signing up for classes had to be one of the most stressful parts of my past week. When I ended up going to sign up for my classes, two were already full and had a waitlist. I also emailed professors and they told me there is nothing I can do but wait to see if someone drops either the class or the waitlist.
-Scheduling Nightmare

Dear Scheduling Nightmare,
I think every Alma College student can agree with you when it comes to the struggles of registering. What is crucial about deciding your schedule is that you have backups. As people with more credits register, many classes will fill up. Making sure that you have backup courses in case they get filled up, can help you in taking required courses and filling up your schedule. It can be easier to schedule classes in your major since they are requirements and teachers might feel slightly obligated to let you in but when it comes to other classes the waitlist can be the pretty hard to come off of. Going in and talking with the professor in
person can be a great way to see if the professor is willing to expand their class a little bit but having backups will help tremendously in the process of making your schedule.
-Gossip Squirrel

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