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Shonda Buchanan visits Alma College

LIATHANO RAMERIEZPHOTOGRAPHER MEGAN NEELEYCOPY EDITOR 3/13/2023 Professors have expressed students’ hunger for Shonda Buchanan’s literary works. Buchanan, an award-winning poet and educator, is now working for the Master Fine Arts program in Creative Writing here at Alma College. Among her most accomplished works is her memoir, Black Indian, an intergenerational telling of Buchanan’s “large extended family […]

Alivia GIles Feature

Supportive or intrusive: there’s a “Fine Line”

ALIVIA GILESLAYOUT EDITOR 2/20/2023 With out-of-the-box red-carpet looks and energetic performances, Harry Styles finds himself the center of attention at most music award shows. This year at the Grammys though, a comment Styles made had many fans making assumptions about the artist’s gender identity and sexual orientation, which are, frankly, nobody’s businesses. In his acceptance […]

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Taking a ‘Wrecking Ball’ to double standards

LEIA LEHRERGRAPHIC DESIGNER ALIVIA GILESLAYOUT EDITOR 2/6/2023 Following album releases from Taylor Swift and SZA and Miley Cyrus’s single, ‘Flowers,’ women are dominating the music charts and breaking records. Often though, the public’s focus is not on the art itself, but rather on the personal lives of the artists. When Miley Cyrus released ‘Flowers,’ a […]

Feature Megan Neeley

Alma College basketball update

KYLE SCHECKPHOTOGRAPHER MEGAN NEELEYCOPY EDITOR 1/23/2023 Out with the old and in with the new. Scots, it’s time for some basketball. Now that football – with its season full of victories – is over, the time has come to focus on the triumphs of Alma College basketball.  The Alma College Men’s Basketball team has had many […]