Mission Statement

The Almanian is a newspaper published not only for the students at this institution, not just for the faculty on campus and not solely for the administrators who work for Alma, but for all people interested in Alma College and the lives it touches. As a student newspaper, however, The Almanian will most often focus on the issues, ideas, and activities of Alma College students. The writers, editors, publishers and distributors of this newspaper are dedicated to producing an interesting, engaging, accurate, timely and error-free newspaper on a weekly basis to serve, inform and educate the people for whom it is intended.

No matter your major, joining The Almanian’s team should give you a positive and professional work experience. You will, of course, gain journalistic skills such as photography, graphic design and writing. You should also learn to be better in communication, brainstorming and critical thinking.

Code of Ethics

The code of ethics provides those who work for The Almanian with guidelines and rules explaining how they should conduct themselves on behalf of the organization.

To avoid being unfairly influenced, staff should not accept any gifts.

Staff members who have multiple commitments should develop a personal ethics code to ensure they always uphold journalistic integrity; staffers should not report on groups they are involved with.

Romantic relationships and any other situation that may affect a staffers ability to work with another staff member should be discussed with the EiC to avoid quarrels or favoritism.

The Almanian is a nonpartisan organization and will not allow political bias in news reporting.


Editor in Chief: Najelle Gilmore

Web Editor: Monica Kunovszky