Darcy Daenzer National

Detroit and Toledo zoos increase security after animal disappearances around the U.S.

LIATHANO RAMIREZGRAPHIC DESIGNER DARCY DAENZERLAYOUT EDITOR 4/10/2023 Within the past year, the Dallas, Louisiana and New York zoos have all had animals taken or released from their respective facilities. Taking this potential threat to their animals seriously, the Detroit and Toledo zoos have increased their security to prevent something similar from happening. While no animal […]

Alivia GIles National

Michigan Senate passes gun control legislation

LIATHANO RAMIREZGRAPHIC DESIGNER ALIVIA GILESLAYOUT EDITOR 3/27/2023 The Michigan state Senate recently approved an 11-bill package that would increase gun ownership regulations for Michigan residents. The proposals include safe storage laws, “red flag” laws and universal background checks. The “red flag” laws would let judges temporarily restrict access to guns for individuals who are a […]

National Salem Gray

Biden administration approves Willow Project

LEIA LEHRERGRAPHIC DESIGNER SALEM GRAYSTAFF WRITER 3/27/2023 On March 13, 2023, the Biden Administration approved the Willow Project, an oil-drilling project located on Alaska’s North Slope. Three oil rigs were approved to be built, two less than the original plan that ConocoPhillips’ had approved by the Trump administration.  The project is set to bring in […]