Student Congress OK’s two new clubs

By Nathaniel Fryer Staff Writer Two new clubs are applying for Student Congress recognition. The new clubs are the Alma College PreVet Association and the Alma College Progressive Democrats.   Last semester, Student Congress voted and approved five new clubs, including Short Stack, Alma College Gaming Guild, National Students Nursing Association and the Board Games Club. ... Continue Reading →

MacCurdy sponsors new events on campus

By Cassie Florian News Editor Alma College’s on-campus women’s aid center, the MacCurdy house, has been very active this year, having held events such as the slut walk and a house meet and greet that members hosted in the fall.   This month, MacCurdy is sponsoring two more events that, like those it has hosted in... Continue Reading →

Otaku and Gamers hosts Almacon

By Rose Cyburt News Editor The Alma College Otaku and Gamers (ACOG), an active club on campus, has been preparing for this year’s AlmaCon since the end of the convention last year. The three-day event included everything from Cosplay & Cons 101 to a charity auction and even guest speakers.   Along with the panels, there... Continue Reading →

Active Minds spreads mental health awareness

By Sasha Dudock Staff Writer Last Wednesday, Active Minds put on the event Create Your Own Coping Toolbox where students were invited to make and paint personalized recovery tool boxes.   The recovery toolboxes contained coloring pages, stress balls, tea, chocolate, mini notebooks, crayons and other relaxing items.   Active Minds, the sponsor of the event, “is... Continue Reading →

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