Women’s golf wins at home

BY HANK WICKLEY SPORTS EDITOR On Saturday, September 15, the Women’s Golf team took home a big win. Literally. The team hosted the Alma Invitational at the Pine River Country Club. “To finish in the top four at our own invitational was a great feeling,” said Kennedy Hilley (‘19), “but it made it even more... Continue Reading →

Art prize projects take over campus

BY CADEN WILSON STAFF WRITER Art Prize 2018 is underway on campus with 11 exhibits. These displays are placed throughout North Campus and have already become a familiar sight for many students and faculty. Although each exhibit is unique in design and creation, they all follow the same theme - Black and White. Themes are... Continue Reading →

Living without access

BY CHAPIN KARTSOUNES WEB EDITOR You don’t necessarily know that something is missing until you need it. For me, that thing was handicap buttons, ramps, and other means of accessibility on campus. Throughout the summer, I became semi-dependent on mobility devices to get around, especially when I was going long distances or had a really... Continue Reading →

Students impact local health

BY BRITTANY PIERCE HEAD EDITOR 43 years after the public health disaster that came from the Velsicol Chemical Corp. in St. Louis, MI contaminating the state food supply, community members are still feeling the effects. Many residents were exposed to polybrominated biphenyl, or PBB, when the company accidentally switched Nutrimaster, a cattle feed supplement, with... Continue Reading →

Alma College launches bike share program

BY KAYDEE HALL BUSINESS MANAGER This past month, Alma College and the Gratiot Community Foundation rolled out a new “Bike Alma” program. The bike share program has been in the works since early this year, with two locations: Starbucks and the Stone Center for Recreation with five bikes at each pickup station. The bikes work... Continue Reading →

Hispanic Coalition hosts Fiesta Baile

BY JORDAN GINDER STAFF WRITER The Hispanic Coalition hosted Fiesta Baile on Friday, September 21. The event connected the campus community with the Hispanic and Latinx locals around Alma. History Professor Daniel Wasserman spoke about his goals in helping organize the event. “Part of it is to reach out to the community, but just as... Continue Reading →

Alma’s thoughts on the outside world

BY SAM NELSON POLITICS On August 28, the National Hurricane Center started tracking some movement off the western coast of Africa, movement that would eventually become Hurricane Florence. One week earlier on August 21, prisoners around the country went on strike, with a list of demands that runs the gamut from demanding compensation for labor,... Continue Reading →

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