Farewell to the Almanian

KAYDEE HALL BUSINESS MANAGER As I enter my last week of my undergraduate career, I would like to take this time to reflect on my time at Alma College and with the Almanian. After spending three and a half years on Alma’s campus, it seems still too soon to be leaving. It’s an over-shared sentiment,... Continue Reading →

The P.C. debate

MADDIE LUEBKE CAMPUS EDITOR A huge debate in the political sphere recently is concerning politically correct speech. Many public figures are being called out online for their potentially offensive language and their ignorance when refusing to adapt their language to an ever-changing world. Mistakes can be made, especially when one is raised in a different... Continue Reading →

Freshmen settle into campus life

CHAPIN KARTSOUNES WEB EDITOR As fall semester comes to an end, students on campus have settled into their routines as undergraduates. Freshmen have started to learn the ways of navigating the Alma area, academics, and social life in general. A few months ago, four freshmen were featured in a “Campus Comment” segment that focused on... Continue Reading →

Alma LEAPS towards a green campus

EMILY COWLES STAFF WRITER Keeping Alma’s campus green and reducing the college’s carbon footprint is what the organization LEAPS focuses on achieving. LEAPS, which stands for Leaders for Environmental Awareness, Protection and Sustainability, is a student-run organization that focuses on ways to help students use less wasteful products in their everyday lives. “LEAPS’ mission is... Continue Reading →

Students celebrate at athletic formal

HANK WICKLEY SPORTS WRITER On Saturday night, the Cappaert gymnasium transformed into a dance floor. Any and all students were invited to the masquerade formal, which was full of food, games, and dancing. “The formal started as an athletic formal,” said Sarah Dehring, Assistant Athletic Director. “Alma used to do an athletic formal years ago... Continue Reading →

Alma embraces Giving Tuesday

JORDAN GINDER STAFF WRITER The college celebrated Giving Tuesday by hosting a massive drive for donations. Organized by the Office of Alumni Engagement, the strategy room on the second floor of the Hood Building was the center of operations for the push to set a new Alma record. “[Our goals were] to raise at least... Continue Reading →

RBG holds critical position

BRITTNEY PIERCE HEAD EDITOR Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg was admitted to the hospital on Nov 9 after falling in her office and fracturing three ribs. Ginsburg, who is 85, has had several health scares prior to this one. She has had cancer twice and one heart procedure since she was appointed to the... Continue Reading →

Excitement over new convenience store

JORDYN BRADLEY SPORTS EDITOR News spread this week about Alma College searching for someone to lease the old 7-Eleven building to give the school (and the community) more convenience. Alan Gatlin, COO and Vice President for Finance and Administration, gave insight on the process. “We were all caught off guard when 7-Eleven put up a... Continue Reading →

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