Diverse election shakes up congress

KATE WESTPHAL STAFF WRITER The 116th Congress began on Jan. 3 this year with a multitude of new members, both Democratic and Republican. 10 new senators and 101 new representatives were elected this year, leading to what many people claim is the most diverse set of politicians elected to the House. More than 60 percent... Continue Reading →

Alternative breaks encourage service

JASMINE D'ARCANGELIS STAFF WRITER Alma College offers students the opportunity to participate in Alternative Breaks. Alternative Breaks allow students to perform community service in lieu of going home for major breaks. These community service opportunities can vary from working with the homeless to providing disaster relief. According to the Alma College website, most alternative breaks... Continue Reading →

Getting up to date on winter sports

HANK WICKLEY SPORTS WRITER While students were enjoying winter break at home with their families, a select group of student athletes stayed on campus to compete. The winter sports teams that were on campus during break included both the men’s and women’s basketball teams and the wrestling team, among others. The wrestling team had one... Continue Reading →

Alma welcomes Professor Camenares

EMILY COWLES STAFF WRITER Last semester Alma College gained a new professor in the science department: Professor Devin Camenares, PhD. Camenares moved to Alma at the end of last June, and this past fall was his first semester as an Alma professor. Camenares first discovered his love for science in high school when he took... Continue Reading →

Resisting I.C.E.: Radical or American?

ATULYA DORA-LASKEY STAFF WRITER When President Trump instituted his “Zero Tolerance” policy, he instituted a policy that empowered I.C.E. to separate over 2,500 children from their parents. Leaked audio from I.C.E. detention centers painted a grim picture of children crying for their families, and dozens of now infamous photos of distraught and sobbing children quickly... Continue Reading →

College changes tobacco policy

MADDISON LEUBKE COPY EDITOR Alma College students were notified through Student Congress last semester about changes in the tobacco policies on campus. There have been questions about what falls under this policy and how it will take effect. According to The American Cancer Society, of the roughly 20 million college and university students in the... Continue Reading →

Government shutdown threatens taxes

WADE FULLERTON STAFF WRITER President Donald J Trump set into motion a government shutdown – the second longest in United States history – after negations on the boarder wall. The duration of the shutdown remains uncertain, but its affect resonates throughout the lives of the students on campus. The government shutdown affects the pay of... Continue Reading →

What’s going on at the Rec?

DYLAN COUR STAFF WRITER The Stone Recreational Center (The Rec) offers many activities for Alma’s students to enjoy. The Rec has a program called The Adventure Rec. This program allows students to be involved, stay active and travel. In the coming weeks, The Rec is hosting an event to take students to the Muskegon Winter... Continue Reading →

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