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Student-wide CSO resources




The Center for Student Opportunity (CSO) has support services aimed to enrich students’ time at Alma. These services, along with other programs hosted within the CSO, focus on fostering both academic and personal success.

Study tables hosted by a King-Chávez-Parks First Year Mentor (KCP mentor) is one option available to students on campus. These are hosted every Thursday and Sunday from 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm in the CSO.

“Study tables [are] open to all students on campus, they do not have to sign up or do anything prior; just show up,” said Chetara Knight (‘24), the KCP mentor who hosts the study tables.

“My goal is to provide a space for students to feel comfortable studying together and getting work done,” said Knight.

The library renovations have limited the study spaces on campus, making this a great alternative for people who like to work alongside others. “It can be a silent time for students, but we also encourage everyone to work together and make the environment warm, easygoing and productive,” said Knight.

This is currently a small group of students, so if you think it would be a good fit stop by. “We usually have the same turnout of about 4-6 students. We are looking for more students to attend,” said Knight.

The Office for Student Success is here for students seeking academic support or disability services. Personalized plans can be set up for students’ success.

“We help students with study strategies and time management techniques and can meet one-on-one regularly to help students stay accountable,” said Virginia Blandford, Academic support coordinator at Alma College.

Tutoring is also available through this department, free to any student. “Our hope is that [tutee’s] benefit from having a peer who has ‘been there’ to answer content questions and offer advice on how to be successful in the course,” said Blandford.

The Office of Career and Personal Development also has set up various resources to help fit students’ needs.

“Career and Personal Development offers a variety of ways to connect, including workshops, alumni networking, career fairs and other events,” said Brittany Stoneman, Associate Director of Career and Personal Development at Alma College.

“For individualized appointments, we offer a broad range of appointment types on topics such as resumes and cover letters, mock interviews, personal statement prep, job search strategies or even major and career exploration,” said Stoneman.

In addition to scheduling an appointment on Handshake, Drop-in Career Peer hours are available. Located in the CSO, Library or Starbucks, this option allows students to drop in during designated times Tuesday through Friday. 

“Drop-in sessions are open hours staffed by our Career Peers, and typically cover document review and support. The primary difference is that with scheduling an appointment via Handshake, you pre-arrange the meeting time and appointment type (topic),” said Stoneman.

These services are completely customized to the student’s needs, and you can be at any stage in the process to reach out for help. “We work to meet students where they are, whether they have no idea where to start or they are seeking feedback on finished materials,” said Stoneman.

If you aren’t sure where to start or are scared about reaching out keep in mind these resources are here and meant for students use.

“Asking for help is never a sign of weakness, rather a sign of wisdom to know when your limits are being tested,” said Blandford.

“I think the first step is to reach out – come to an event, stop by, or schedule an appointment to begin the conversation. College is a time of exploration in so many ways and it really is okay to not know where to start. For personal development, two tools we highly recommend are CliftonStrengths and PathwayU,” said Stoneman.

Students can access CliftonStrengths and PathwayU here: Links to an external site.

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