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EPA demands clean-up by Norfolk Southern Corporation

LIATHANO RAMIREZGRAPHIC DESIGNER HANNAH STIFFLEREDITOR-IN-CHIEF 3/13/2023 The Gilded Age is known for the expansion of railroads. In the 1900s, trains revolutionized the economy beyond imagination. Despite the positives of train transportation, there are continual mechanical errors that have led to environmental catastrophes. On Feb. 3, 2023 in East Palestine, Ohio, a train derailed causing a […]

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The cost of MUN

LIATHANO RAMIREZPHOTOGRAPHER CLAIRE WITTLIEFFLAYOUT EDITOR 2/20/2023 Everyone on this campus is either a part of Alma College’s Model United Nations team, or knows someone who is. With Alma College being a small, liberal arts college, it is rather impressive that our team is both nationally and internationally recognized. I mean, come on, the team was a Jeopardy! […]

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IRS tells taxpayers to hold off

LIATHANO RAMIREZGRAPHIC DESIGNER REYNA JAYSONSTAFF WRITER 2/20/2023 On Feb. 3, 2023, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) told taxpayers who received special tax payments or refunds in 2022 from the state in which they reside to wait on filing their federal taxes until additional guidance was provided. In 2022, over 20 states provided a one-time state refund to deliver relief related to […]

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Spring sports start at Alma College

LIATHANO RAMIREZPHOTOGRAPHER MEGAN NEELEYCOPY EDITOR 2/6/2023 With practices for spring sports beginning in late January, student-athletes participating in men’s and women’s lacrosse, baseball, softball and men’s and women’s track and fi eld are getting busier and busier. On Jan. 23, the men’s lacrosse team’s full practice schedule commenced for the 2023 spring season with a week full of winter […]