Living without access

BY CHAPIN KARTSOUNES WEB EDITOR You don’t necessarily know that something is missing until you need it. For me, that thing was handicap buttons, ramps, and other means of accessibility on campus. Throughout the summer, I became semi-dependent on mobility devices to get around, especially when I was going long distances or had a really... Continue Reading →

It’s time to take video games seriously

By Samantha Anteau Staff Writer When I first started playing video games in earnest,  my mother was completely perplexed. Her perplexity grew as I continued to spend hours and hours of my life on one game, Mass Effect.   “I don’t know how you can sit around just shooting people for hours,” she’d say. This is... Continue Reading →

Musgraves, Morris realize country’s potential

By Paige Daniel Thoughts Editor Up-and-coming country artists are often overlooked because of the stark divide between fans of country and fans of, well, every other genre of music.  Two country artists, Kacey Musgraves and Maren Morris, exemplify the arguably necessary shift in country music toward pop, while also underscoring its potential for crossover appeal.  ... Continue Reading →

BioWare teases a new Dragon Age game

By Samantha Anteau Staff Writer Though game developer BioWare is currently focusing the majority of its attentions on its ambitious new game, Anthem, many fans of the developer have expressed their desire for the next game in the Dragon Age series.   While an official announcement has yet to come, it has been made clear that... Continue Reading →

Soccer Mommy grows up on new album “Clean”

By Paige Daniel Thoughts Editor Soccer Mommy, whose Bandcamp account I first stumbled upon deep in the depths of another artist’s Twitter, is now being covered in Rolling Stone, Billboard, Entertainment Weekly and the New York Times with the release of her debut studio album, “Clean.”  This trajectory strikes me out of the blue –... Continue Reading →

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