Claire Wittlief Thoughts/Opinions

Review of Sophfronia Scotts’s Wild, Beautiful, and Free

LEIA LENRERGRAPHIC DESIGNER CLAIRE WITTLIEFFLAYOUT EDITOR 4/10/2023 On Apr. 4, I had the immense pleasure and honor of talking to Sophfronia Scott about her new novel titled Wild, Beautiful, and Free. Scott is the brilliant director of Alma College’s MFA program centered on Creative Writing. The program offers three main areas of study: fiction, creative nonfiction, […]

Megan Neeley Thoughts/Opinions

Student concerns vs. statistics: admissions and prestige

KYLEE LARYPHOTOGRAPHER MEGAN NEELEYCOPY EDITOR 4/10/2023 Alma College admissions rates have been on the rise with the campus seeing a 20% increase in applications and a 22.7% increase in admittance from Fall 2022 according to Rachel Plasche, the Assistant Director of Admissions and Coordinator of Diversity Recruitment. More students will also be transferring to Alma […]

Hannah Stiffler Liathano Ramirez Thoughts/Opinions

EPA demands clean-up by Norfolk Southern Corporation

LIATHANO RAMIREZGRAPHIC DESIGNER HANNAH STIFFLEREDITOR-IN-CHIEF 3/13/2023 The Gilded Age is known for the expansion of railroads. In the 1900s, trains revolutionized the economy beyond imagination. Despite the positives of train transportation, there are continual mechanical errors that have led to environmental catastrophes. On Feb. 3, 2023 in East Palestine, Ohio, a train derailed causing a […]

Emma Figlewicz Thoughts/Opinions

Despite Alma’s efforts, not all feel it is accessible

EMMA FIGLEWICZSTAFF WRITER 3/13/2023 Every day, students utilize Alma College’s facilities to get around campus efficiently and safely. Though the college in many ways tries to accommodate students to make buildings assessable to everyone, there are many areas that are lacking.  Whether it be from lack of elevators in certain dorm buildings, nonfunctioning handicap doors […]

Jordan Fox Thoughts/Opinions

Mixed feelings on new FYS curriculum

JORDAN FOXSTAFF WRITER 1/23/2023 For the 2022-23 academic year, Alma College decided to change the First Year Seminar curriculum in hopes of a more engaging course that develops critical thinking and communication skills inside and outside of the classroom.  FYS is an introduction-to-college class that focuses on setting first-year students up for success at Alma College and allows […]

Salem Gray Thoughts/Opinions

The trouble with Metz

SALEM GRAYSTAFF WRITER 1/23/2023 Ever since Metz Culinary Management took over as Alma’s dining vendor this fall, some students have been hoping for massive improvements from Sodexo’s subpar food and services. Unfortunately for the student body, Alma’s campus has been left with few food options and few improvements have been seen.  “In this industry, it […]

Reyna Edwards Thoughts/Opinions

Winter break: tips and tricks

REYNA EDWARDSSTAFF WRITER 12/5/2022 With the first semester coming to an end students have to start planning for winter break. Alma College housing including residence halls, apartments and small housing closes for winter break at 5:00 pm on Friday, Dec. 9, 2022. Housing will reopen at noon on Sunday, Jan. 8, 2023. All students are expected to leave campus for […]