Campus Feature Feb 18, 2019 Syndey Bossidis Uncategorized

Technology advances campus life

SYDNEY BOSSIDIS STAFF WRITER Society is moving at a faster pace than before because of the advancing of technology, expectations and a shift in priorities. People are constantly in motion and performing activities and not taking the chance to slow down for a moment, especially students. Multi-tasking has become a common practice. When getting to […]

Campus Emily Cowles Feature Feb 14, 2019

Valentine’s Day sparks differing views

EMILY COWLES STAFF WRITER Valentine’s Day is an internationally-recognized holiday that has been celebrated since its creation in the fifth century. Advancements to cultures over time have changed the origins of the holiday from a celebration of a Catholic Saint to the celebration of one’s love for another. As these changes occurred, the marketing toward […]

Alyssa Gall Campus Feature Feb 11 2019 Uncategorized

Handshake bring career opportunities

ALYSSA GALL STAFF WRITER Alma College takes a new approach to helping students achieve their dream career at the touch of a button. Before the past two years, Alma College’s students had to find career opportunities through limited community and college connections. Students were exposed to many career opportunities, but could not help but miss […]