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Handshake bring career opportunities


Alma College takes a new approach to helping students achieve their dream career at the touch of a button.

Before the past two years, Alma College’s students had to find career opportunities through limited community and college connections. Students were exposed to many career opportunities, but could not help but miss out on some.

Thanks to Handshake, all of that changed and students no longer have to miss out on any opportunities.

“Handshake is a platform made by students at Michigan Technological University that allows students to interact with Career Service staff and potential employers,” said Maddie Moeggenborg, Alma College’s new Career Coach.

This recently installed online platform allows students to build profiles consisting of their accomplishments and work experience for possible employers to access. Students can also include cover letters and resumes when applying for jobs or internships.

“Since all employers have to be approved by Alma College before they can post jobs, students don’t have to worry about the legitimacy of postings like they do when surfing sites such as Indeed,” said Moeggenborg.

Handshake provides a legitimate and simple way for students to be involved in the work environment outside of Alma, but this does not mean students cannot benefit on campus as well.

Students can also apply for on campus jobs and internships through Handshake. It allows them to find jobs within minutes of logging on.

“I used Handshake to apply to be a Resident Assistant here on campus. Personally, my experience with Handshake was a great one. I logged into the website, found the position, and within minutes I had applied,” said freshman Ellen Laurenz (’22). Handshake is a way to keep students involved in the college’s community while providing them with work experience. It can also be used for more than job and internship searching.

“Students can use Handshake to find and register for events on campus, schedule appointments with Career Services, and access resources such as resume tips and study abroad how-tos,” said Moeggenborg.

Handshake provides students with the resources necessary to be successful from their first resume to their first job interview.

It allows students to make connections with professionals on and off campus. Students of any grade or level of job experience can put themselves into the work environment whether it be an on-campus job or an internship in Washington D.C.

“Handshake is only two years old at Alma but over 77% of students are logging into Handshake and almost 50% have completed a profile,” said Moeggenborg. More and more students are using Handshake as a way to obtain opportunities that they may have missed – and not just at Alma College.

Michigan Tech students were the major push and creators behind Handshake due to their location prohibiting them from having as many job opportunities as other schools. “Now over 600 schools nationwide use Handshake and it’s the largest job platform for college students,” said Moeggenborg.

This growing popularity allows students to get the most out of their college experience. There is a little bit of everything for everyone on Handshake, even faculty members.

“Students request appointments with me via Handshake to go over their resumes and cover letters and chat about options for majors and future careers,” said Moeggenborg.

It is a great way for students and faculty members to stay connected. It keeps students on the right path for their future careers.

“I’m sure as I grow older, I’ll be able to use Handshake for more than just on campus jobs. I see Handshake being a very helpful resource in my future,” said Laurenz.

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