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Technology advances campus life


Society is moving at a faster pace than before because of the advancing of technology, expectations and a shift in priorities. People are constantly in motion and performing activities and not taking the chance to slow down for a moment, especially students. Multi-tasking has become a common practice.

When getting to college, students have the chance to join various groups on campus from Greek organizations, to sports, to the arts, to other clubs. This is in addition to their class load which can range in credits and intensity based on majors and interests. There might also be a job, on campus or off, for extra spending money or to pay fees.

Living at a slow pace gives people the chance to step away from the everyday activities, specifically with electronics to take a break. These activities can include going for a hike, reading for pleasure or even taking a nap.

Even in times of constant activity there are moments to slow down. It is necessary to take “me-time.” Jennifer Kowalczyk (’20) fills out her planner and checks off what she has done to keep life from being too busy.

There can be negatives to this life style such as the constantly full schedule or getting limited time for oneself, but the idea of progress motivates some people to continue their actions rather than pausing. When there is always something else that needs to be done, it is easy to keep busy.

“I often times fill the hour where I’m supposed to do nothing with something,” said Eli George (’20). He might sit down to work on something rather than going somewhere, so it is a bit slower. There are still some moments when he does nothing.

Social media is said to be a contributor to living at a higher speed because of the quick connections to others. Asiel Clark (‘20) finds social media to be distracting when she is trying to focus on something but uses it to connect to people when she needs to because of her position in Student Congress.

George says he does not post what he is involved with to Facebook because he “doesn’t feel the need to advertise everything I’m involved in.” Kowalczyk remains active on social media but does not let it play a big role in her life.

Being constantly on the go can have an effect on maintaining relationships in life. “I’m really fortunate to have people in my life who understand how busy I am and don’t mind when I need to take extra time for myself,” said Clark. Having a support system and people who understand can make life less stressful.

“It can destroy but it can also create [relationships] if you can find somebody who is willing to work with that,” said George. He also says that those you understand are usually also living a fast-paced life. For Kowalczyk, she prioritizes her family and friends.

There are pros to living at a faster pace. By constantly doing something, more is getting done. “I am way more productive when my life is more busy,” said Kowalczyk. By not taking a break, more progress can happen.

Students in this case have chosen to live this way. “I can’t control a lot of things about life, but I can control myself,” said Clark. She wants to meet and go beyond expectations, but says that she can define what her own success is.

“Outside pressure comes from what do I need to put on my resume…but it is also my will to want to do it,” said George. He would not be as involved in as many activities if he did not want to be. There would always be something more for him to do even if he slowed down, he said.

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