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Students intern over the summer


For many students on campus, a summer internship is a great way to get career experience, personal responsibility and a new perspective within their desired field of study. Internship opportunities can often accommodate a broad spectrum of individual interests and personal goals.

The process of finding a summer internship doesn’t have to be a challenge. The first step to finding or refining the process can be as easy as making an appointment with the CSO, Center of Student Opportunity.

Alma College provides an outlet for students to get in contact with potential employment opportunities through the CSO. Instead of taking the process on alone, a team of professionals guide students toward success.

“Carla Jenson and Maddie Moenggenburg have been invaluable. Carla showed me the program and Maddie helped me figure out what I needed from an internship,” said Asiel Clark (’20).

Clark was approved to intern at CIE, which stands for the Council for International Exchange. Her internship will be based on a casting company in London, England.

“This internship is critical to me because I’ll have a chance to figure things out. This is something I’m interested in because I’m in theater and I’m interested in all aspects of theater production,” said Clark.

“Elon Brisette and Carla Jensen have both reviewed scholarship applications from me, and Maria Jones strongly encouraged me to apply. Everyone there has been incredibly kind to me as I’ve gone through the process,” said Clark.

The faculty in the CSO are trained to help guide students towards the vast array of opportunities available for successful students.

“The CSO helped me revise my resume before I applied for my internship,” said Laney Alvarado (’20).

Alvarado was approved for her internship to work at CMH in Washtenaw County. CMH stands for Community Mental Health, which provides helpful services to individuals who suffer from mental health disorders.

“I’m going to be observing and shadowing social workers and phycologists,” said Alvarado.

Through the Psycology Department, Alvarado will focus on shadowing and personal research. One aspect of her research will take place at Oakland University, and the other will be with CMH.

“This research opportunity will help me figure out my path. I recommend everyone to go out into the real world and see how career paths work, beyond Alma College,” said Alvarado.

Students can also find great travel internship opportunities by applying for a Posey Global Scholarship, An Alma College Scholarship that funds students to pursue their passions on an international level.

“As long as a student has a good idea and strives to become a better global citizen, then the process of obtaining a P-Global is achievable,” said Alvarado.

A Posey Global is a perfect source for students looking for service opportunities, research topics and helping people from different walks of life. This scholarship opportunity helps it become more practical for students on campus to take on internships and not break the bank in the process.

“You can do anything. It’s a good way for students who have fewer resources to achieve larger, more impacting goals without having to be concerned about course credits or money,” said Alvarado.

The P-Global scholarship centers around what best works for students and how they want to travel. Students can apply alone or group up and engage in opportunities together. The preference lies with the interest of the individual and their plans to further their experience.

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