Campus March 2, 2021 Wade Fullerton

A taste of victory

WADE FULLERTONSTAFF WRITER In the section “From Our Boys in the Service,” writes Major Frank Knox, alumni of Alma College in the November issue of The Weekly Almanian. On September 21, 1918, Knox led a 150 square mile offensive into French territory held on by the German army since 1914. Despite the resistance, the Yankees […]

Feb 15, 2021 Thoughts/Opinions Wade Fullerton

Writing home from Russia, a historical outlook

WADE FULLERTONSTAFF WRITER Map of Allied operations in Archangel, Russia [Left]. American rifleman, Russian rifle. Defending the critical rail junction at “Verst 466” with the 339th Infantry Regiment, Sept. 24, 1918 [Right]. The AEF – American Expeditionary Force – had decisively defeated the German Army on the Western Front on Nov. 11, 1918. The Great […]

Feb 1, 2021 Thoughts/Opinions Wade Fullerton

Alma College in World War I

WADE FULLERTONSTAFF WRITER WADE FULLERTONGRAPHIC CREATOR “There can be no turning back.” These were President Woodrow Wilson’s words when he asked Congress to declare war on Germany in early April 1917. Debates across the United States ensued concerning the extent of militarization. Over one hundred years ago – at the cost of five cents per […]

Campus Feature March 25, 2019 Uncategorized Wade Fullerton

Tuition increase poses challenges

WADE FULLERTON STAFF WRITER For many students on campus, the high tuition expenses of attending school have placed a barrier between the student and service institution in terms of where their money goes. Transparency between students and the college helps put myths to rest concerning why college has a cost. Tuition encompasses two definitions of […]

Campus Feature March 17, 2019 Uncategorized Wade Fullerton

Students intern over the summer

WADE FULLERTON STAFF WRITER For many students on campus, a summer internship is a great way to get career experience, personal responsibility and a new perspective within their desired field of study. Internship opportunities can often accommodate a broad spectrum of individual interests and personal goals. The process of finding a summer internship doesn’t have […]