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French club celebrates FrenchGiving


Students on campus celebrated the fifth annual FrenchGiving on Thursday, Nov. 15.

The French Club works year-round planning events on campus and FrenchGiving remains one of their largest turnouts.

FrenchGiving allowed students enrolled in French class to receive extra credit and experience how traditional French cuisine is made.

This year, FrenchGiving was held at the commons area in the Tyler-Van Dusen building and was free for all members of the public to attend.

We encourage all students to come to French Club events. Even if you’re not enrolled in a French class, you are welcome to join and celebrate,” said French T.A. Julie Le Sauce.

French Club encouraged more students to attend their events because French students and club members enjoy seeing more students present at their annual events.

Attitudes toward French events on campus have been met positively by students. Over the years, French Club has seen a steady increase in the attendance of non-French majors.

“Every year, we see more students coming in for FrenchGiving. We normally plan for smaller gatherings and are surprised every year when more students show up than previously expected,” said Brianna Barbeaux (’20), French Club President.

For this event, the French Club would have held it at the Multicultural House. Instead, they reserved a larger space to encourage more students to stop by.

Barbeaux said that this was her second year as French Club President and her third year in the French Club.

Every year, the French Club has experienced a growth in popularity and the French Club volunteers work hard during the days before the event.

“The food is prepared by the French Club officers and Julie the day before and the afternoon of French Giving,” said Barbeuax.

All the food provided at FrenchGiving is homemade and traditional French cuisine. Vegetarian and vegan food is normally available at French Club events.

This year, the French Club made quiche lorraine, hachis parmentier, croissants, lemon pie and gateau au yaourt.

“In France, we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving only exists as an American holiday tradition,” said Le Sauce.

FrenchGiving was invented by the French Club in order to celebrate a fall event before students depart home before break.

“FrenchGiving isn’t a traditional holiday, but it’s our way of hosting an event before Thanksgiving break,” said Santiago Ribadeneira (’21), French Club Vice President.

The two events hosted by the French Club that receive the most attention on campus are FrenchGiving and Mardi Gras. Mardi Gras received many students the previous year. Events like these help bring the French Club closer to the student community on campus.

“It was nice to see non-French students come by. My favorite part about French Club is the people,” said Ribadeneira.

“It’s nice that we can hold events like FrenchGiving because we all support each other and it’s a great way to spend the week before the break.”

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