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KMB performs Indoor Show


This past weekend, the Kiltie Marching Band, or KMB, had their last hurrah for the season when they performed their indoor show titled “Now in Technicolor.”

The band played quite a mix of music and performances. In addition to their marching show, the band also performed their new show.

“The indoor show combines several different iconic T.V. show theme songs from shows like The Office, Friends, Duck Tales, The Walking Dead and Hawaii Five-0,” said Jasmine D’Arcangelis (’22).

In between both of these performances, the Pipe Band and Colorguard also performed.

“The indoor show allowed the band program to showcase a large variety of ensembles,” said Ellie Woertz (’20). “This allows the Alma community to experience what the program has to offer.”

The show brought out several members from the community as well as many family members of the band members.

The show contains quite a bit of technical work as well with lighting design and choreography from the guard members.

“The lighting design throughout was fantastic, especially during The Walking Dead theme! When the fog machines turned off and the red lights came on, I knew it was going to be something intense,” said Liz Gallagher (’20).

Students said that many of the tunes were very catchy and very easy to want to sing along.

“My favorite part would have to be Part III overall. It has the most recognizable tunes like duck tales and the Friends theme,” said D’Arcangelis.

“My personal favorite piece of music for the indoor show was the Friends theme. The drum line all does the claps with their sticks and it makes me laugh every time,” Bridget McCaffrey (’21).

Students expressed that marching season can be extremely busy. Not only do the band members have to worry about the multiple performances throughout the semester, but they also have to work several events.

“There is a nice transition from marching season into indoor season,” said Jeremy Fieber (’19). “I love marching, but it is a nice change of pace,” Fieber said.

“The transition from outdoor band to indoor band was really nice. It really allows us to segue from the loud outdoor sound to the more dynamic side of concert band,” said D’Arcangelis.

There has always been a tradition of dressing up for one section or another of the indoor show. This year the band dressed up for their new show.

“The trombones did a whole section costume theme this year. We are all dressing up as characters from ‘The Walking Dead’ and I am personally dressing as a zombie,” said McCaffery.

“Most of the sections attempt to coordinate their costumes, with often hilarious results,” said Fieber.

Many people in the band dressed as Star Trek characters, office characters, secret agents or Pokémon, though they play different instruments.

People in the audience were thrilled to see the band put on another successful performance.

“It was a very good show! It was really cool to see how easily the band transitioned between the several different styles of music,” said Rachel Whipple (’20).

Not only were the members of the audience thrilled, but the crew was well.

“Working back stage was interesting. Working backstage gives you a whole different perspective on the show. Unfortunately, you rarely get the full impact of the show,” said Woertz.

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