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Alma College prepares for Halloween


As Halloween is quickly approaching and everyone is making plans there are some things people are forgetting to think about. Safety is one thing that should be a top priority even while having a fun night out with friends.

As you are trying to pick the perfect costume and finalize your plans make sure you are paying attention to the weather. Alma’s first batch of snow is coming here this week according to the radar, snow is possible leading up to Halloween night. The temperature will drop as the week goes on, so definitely try and dress accordingly! Breawna Ritter (’22) said her top safety priority for Halloween is, “making sure my friends don’t stay out too late and making sure they are dressed in warm enough clothing.”

Another thing to pay attention to while choosing a costume is to make sure it is appropriate and not making fun of or disrespecting people, cultures or campus organizations. If you have to think about whether or not your costume is perpetuating negative stereotypes or can come off as hurtful, then it probably is.

The spooky costumes and decorations may captivate your attention, but during Halloween night and that weekend, keep an eye out and do not be a bystander. If you see something, then say something: whether you are dressed like a hero or not, you can step in and be one. Resident Advisor, Kimber Buzzard (’21) said, “Don’t be afraid to call campus safety, your RA or the administer on duty. They are resources who want you to be safe and are there to help you.”

Whether you plan to celebrate in your dorm building, around campus, or at a party this Halloween definitely know your resources. Halloween can be safe and fun at the same time no matter what age you are. 

When going out to celebrate make sure you have at least one person with you, especially if you plan to drink. Cosette Coston (’20) said, “Always have a friend with you and do not let your friends travel alone. Always remember your resources, such as if you do not feel comfortable walking you can call campus security to walk you back to your dorm.”

If you are old enough to drink and plan on it, please be smart about it. Know the signs for when you need to stop drinking and for when you need to cutoff a friend. They may be mad at you then, but thanking you later. Alcohol poisoning is a serious thing and can happen to anyone. If you suspect that someone has alcohol poisoning, even if you don’t see the signs or symptoms, seek medical attention as soon as possible.

Even when a person stops drinking, alcohol continues to be released into the bloodstream and the blood alcohol level continues to rise. Even when the person sleeps or is unconscious it continues rising. Never let an overly intoxicated person go to sleep, especially if they are exciting signs of alcohol poisoning. Don’t wait for the symptoms to worsen, then it could be too late. 

Signs to look out for when around people that are drinking include: mental confusion, introversion/extroversion (depending on the person’s personality), problems with coordination, loss of balance, unresponsiveness, nausea, vomiting, slow or irregular breathing and possibly other symptoms. Everyone is different and displays different symptoms, so if you suspect something is wrong then seek help.

Halloween is meant to be fun, so do not forget to have fun! Just be aware of your surroundings and know when a situation becomes or is unsafe for you and others. Unlike pumpkins, you still have your guts, so trust your gut instincts! 

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