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Student burnout on campus


There are 23 days of classes left before finals. Midterms have all wrapped up and students are back in the swing of things from fall break. However, students are still burnt-out from the long semester full of busy schedules and long days.

The National College Health Assessment found that stress negatively affects more than 30% of United States college students. This negative can also be described a burn out. Burnout is defined as “an extended period of time where someone experiences exhaustion and a lack of interest in things, resulting in a decline in their performance.” Signs of this can be seen all over campus.

All over the place, you see students receding back to their room wearily after a long day to attempt to catch up on the sleep their missing, only to wake up early again the next day and start over again. “Senior year is especially stressful,” said Rachel Whipple (’20). “You are trying to focus on the classes you have right now but you are also trying to plan for your last semester.”

Students have responsibilities piling up and over lapping with each other making it difficult to get the proper rest they need to succeed. “I would say I am very burnt out,” said Chloe Sandborn (’22). “All of my school work and extracurricular activities are piling up which then makes it difficult to stay on top of everything that has to be done.”

Some students who are taking more than the normal amount of credits are also finding it hard to complete everything required of them. “I am currently enrolled in 18 credits and trying to raise my GPA,” said Makenzie Hemmer (’20). “I am also involved on campus with Active Minds, Resident Life and Advancement Office among other things and the demand is very high from everything tight now. Regardless of time management, it is still very mentally draining.”

Students all over campus are experiencing signs of burn out with no time in their busy schedule to do anything about it. There are six signs to look out for to detect if you may be suffering from burn out. First, constant exhaustion.

Exhaustion is the biggest sign, when you are exhausted you cannot properly focus on your school work and a lack of focus means a decline in performance or grades.  Secondly, you have a lack of motivation. Those who suffer from burn out are more likely to wind up sitting alone and saying no to things they would normally be on board with.

Third, you are constantly frustrated. Frustration is not something you are new to if you are burnt out. Fourth and fifth, you struggle to pay attention and your grades suffer. You cannot focus in class and therefore you grades start to decline. Finally you feel disengaged from your friends. You just don’t feel like you fit in with anything that’s happening and you tend to keep to yourself. If any of these six signs apply to you, you may be suffering from burn out.

But how do you fix it? How can you reengage for the last four weeks of school? The best way is to sleep. Do not over commit yourself. If there is an activity you do not have to partake in, don’t! Catch up on that sleep so when you have to get up early, you aren’t exhausted and make mistakes.

Additionally find a time when you can hit the off switch. There needs to be some time in the day that you dedicate to yourself. Turn school off and take some time for self-care. Whether that be going to a friends, going to sleep or simply playing on your phone, dedicate a few hours a day to doing nothing so your brain has time to recharge and cool down.

While you may feel like you are behind, just by admitting that you may be burnt out you are ahead of the problem. The earlier you can address that there is an issue, the easier it will be to solve or start to address.

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