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Athletes celebrate homecoming


Photo by Dylan Cour

Homecoming at Alma College is a special time of year for Alma students. It is a time for celebrating the Alma pride and recognizing the legacy of the college.

Alumni from all over the country, and each graduating class, come back to support the college that shaped their early years and put them on their career path.

Homecoming allows alumni to interact with current students and share their support for the college, especially past athletes.

Many athletic alumni return during Homecoming as a chance to reunite with old teammates and meet the new players of their beloved sport.

“Homecoming is a very special time. Before I came back to Alma as a coach, I used to love coming to Homecoming to see past teammates and friends. Now, as a coach, I see the same excitement in alums of multiple generations,” said Jason Couch, football coach and Alma alum.

Most returning athlete alumni return to reunite with old teammates and bond over the four years they spent together on and off the field. They reminisce the wins, the losses, and the bond they created while on campus.

They even attend sporting events happening that weekend, such as cheering on the soccer teams or attending the football game.

“It is very common for football alums to use this Homecoming game for their return to campus, whether it is a formal or impromptu reunion,” said Couch. Alumni use sporting events to not only connect with old friends, but to be a part of the new generation of athletes. It allows them to interact with players who now fill positions and roles they used to carry on their team.

Homecoming even helps the current athletes put their athletic career into perspective.

“One homecoming tradition that I look forward to is the pre-game speech given by a prestigious Alma alum. These speeches are always a little more special and intense than for other games,” said senior captain of the football team, Steven Sowa (’20).

Alumni not only come back to cheer on their former team, but they come back to inspire them as well. Those that come back look to thank and support the team that once supported them for four years, even if that means cheering them on from the sidelines – literally.

The Alma College cheer team also has a lot of alumni who come back and support their old team by attending their Homecoming events or cheering with them on the sideline.

“We perform a routine on the morning of Homecoming for family, friends, and alumni to showcase our new team. This is the first public performance for the team, so it has a lot of significance as their debut for the new season. We also invite alumni to cheer with us on the sidelines for the first half of the football game!” said Michelle Sabourin, Cheer and STUNT coach.

Close interaction between the alumni and Alma students is what makes the Homecoming experience. It is what keeps alumni returning every Homecoming. Why? Because it is a never-ending cycle that everyone involved in benefits from.

Every year, generations after generations of alumni come to support the current athletes, who will come back to support the future athletes of their current team.


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