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Alma college prepares for art prize


This week, student artist groups will take over campus and bring their Art Prize displays to life.

This year’s theme revolves around movement, challenging students to work outside the canvas and bring pieces to life. With only one word provided as a theme, a broad stretch of pieces can be created with different perspectives being accounted for.

“It is sometimes hard to narrow down exactly what you want to do, as it is always up to your personal ideas what to create,” said Logan Retell (’20).

This event gives students the opportunity to present pieces they have worked on, as well as challenge themselves to create large scale displays. Retell also said, “It is always a fun challenge to theme your work and cooperate with other artists.”

Alma Art Prize takes what students are doing in their classes—or their spare time—and turns it into a large-scale display. Joe Devroy (’21) said his favorite part of the event is being able to make whatever he wants. He said, “Not everyone comes into Clack, so coming outside brings it into the general campus.”

Artists can bring a new life to old spaces through their work. “It brings joy to people to walk places you have been before and see something new,” said Devroy.

“It allows up-and coming artists to showcase their work and gives other students something new to look at,” said Rettell.

The artists aren’t the only ones excited for Art Prize; Alma students are ready to see the works their fellow classmates have tirelessly worked on and exhibited. Sam Nelson (’21) is excited to see the campus come to life and to “see the landscaping in the middle of Mac Mall in a new light or to greater appreciate even something as simple as a hallway is a tremendous gift.”

Works that take common spaces and reimagine them to be something new and refreshing are a fan favorite among students. “I enjoy pieces that use their environment. My favorite piece used the tree in the middle of Mac Mall my freshman year, and nothing has beat that piece for me,” said Hannah Gibbs (’21).

By participating in Alma Art Prize, artists can have a sense of self-expression through their works. Nelson emphasizes the main takeaway of the event being the free expression of students to showcase their works. “It brings me great joy to see pieces made by my peers,” said Nelson.

“This event is one of the many avenues students get to express themselves, and it brings out the best in the art department,” said Gibbs. “It’s a great way for aspiring artists on campus to get their ideas out in the world for everyone’s interpretation, which is amazing.”

Allowing students to make their mark on campus has been a highlight for artists and students alike.

“Students get excited for events like this and participate a lot of the times. I feel like events like this could up enjoyment of the campus for students in all classes,” said Gibbs. There is a mutual benefit through the event, Alma artists get to display works they have spent hours crafting and the college itself gets an invigoration of creativity.

Although the art is temporary, the effect it has on students will last far longer than the works are on display. “I think this sort of thing is just exactly what we should be doing whenever we have the chance” said Nelson.

Alma Art Prize will be on display starting Monday, Sept. 16th.

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