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Alma College to sell South Campus


Desperate times call for desperate measures at Alma College this upcoming year.
Due to recent budget cuts and rising expenses, Alma College has agreed to sell South Campus asa possible solution to the college’s financial troubles.
South Campus is home to primarily upperclassmen, such as students with Junior and Senior status. It consists of Bonbright and CareyHall, Nisbet and Brazell Hall and Wright Hall.
These semi-isolated dorms provide upperclassmen with suite-style rooms and their personal bathrooms that connect two adjoining rooms.
“I really enjoy being able to have my own bathroom and a more independent style of living from my Freshman and Sophomore year,” said Allison Ray (’20), who is a current Junior living onSouth Campus.
The dorms on South Campus are a short walk away from North Campus and the Swanson Academic Center. They provide students with amore calm and isolated style of living then onNorth Campus.
Nisbet, Brazell, Carey and Bonbright Hall all offer students places to study and areas to hang out instead of having to walk to North Campus or the library.


“It is nice having my own space to go to after being in class or the library all day,” said Ray.

South Campus even recently had Wright Hall newly renovated. Wright hall offers students apartment style living with their own bathroom, kitchen and living space to do homework or watch TV.

With South Campus to soon be sold, it then begs the question as to where the current Juniors and Sophomores will live next year?

“If South Campus got sold that would make me homeless for next year. I literally have no clue where they would put that many students. I can’t even imagine what it would be like if they did move everyone to North Campus,” said Naomi Oravitz(’21), who will be of Junior status in the Fall 2019 semester.

Although students believe South Campus could use some much-needed renovations, the students currently living on South will have to find somewhere else to live.

“Maybe it’s good because the buildings are old anyways, but it is quite worrisome for me to possibly not have a dorm for my senior year,” said Ray.

The removal of South Campus would only leave the Wright Avenue apartments and the–soon to be built–Opera House for upperclassmen. The Opera House is expected to be ready for students to move in at the beginning of the Fall 2019 semester.

With the Wright Avenue apartments having a total of 68 beds available and the Opera house not built yet, and when built only available to students with a 3.5 grade point average or higher, upperclassmen may be forced to live on North Campus.

North Campus consists of four dorms: Gelston, Newberry, Mitchell and Bruske. They are home to primarily Freshman and Sophomores.

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