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What’s going on at the Rec?


The Stone Recreational Center (The Rec) offers many activities for Alma’s students to enjoy.

The Rec has a program called The Adventure Rec. This program allows students to be involved, stay active and travel. In the coming weeks, The Rec is hosting an event to take students to the Muskegon Winter Sports Complex. The trip is $15 and covers the cost of an all-day sports pass, which includes many winter sports like skiing, snowboarding, skating, as well as a luge session and lunch.

The Rec also has opportunities to stay active that do not require students to leave campus. The four versatile basketball, volleyball, indoor soccer and tennis courts, the rock wall, the indoor suspended track and the indoor roller rink or inline skating rink keep students active. The Rec opens at 5 a.m. on week days and 10 a.m. on weekends.

“I like to use The Rec and utilize the indoor track to get my steps in and to get my daily exercise,” said Hannah Gibbs (’21). Gibbs likes to go to The Rec with her friends and exercise. “The rock wall is a lot of fun. I use it a lot with my friends during open climb times,” said Gibbs.

Outside of various exercise machines and sports offered at The Rec, Zumba classes, aerobic classes, fencing and different types of Martial Arts classes can be taken. Recreational activities are not only held in The Rec. Included in The Recreation of campus are the open swim times of the pool in the Hogan Center.

The Rec is used by students who want easy access to different types of things to do on campus. “I like The Rec because it’s easily accessible and I only have to swipe my ID to get in. Then I can do anything I want once I’m in. I also haven’t had the chance to utilize The Rec yet this semester, but I do plan on using it in the future and even possibly taking a Zumba class,” said Bridget McCaffery (’21).

The Rec sends out a monthly email to everyone at Alma to inform campus of what is going on and what is new. “I like getting the monthly email because it gives me an option of activities I can take part in in the future instead of having to go see it in person,” said Emma Grossbauer (’22).

The Rec center has events of their own, but other organizations also utilize the space in The Rec. ACUB utilized The Rec last weekend when they held their event to invite students to play bubble soccer, giant Uno and giant bowling. Other organizations frequently use The Rec for their space and materials too, such as Phi Mu Alpha who uses The Rec around rush season to host “Cluster-duck of Fun,” which is an event in which members play games and sports and get to know potential new members.

Once a month The Rec also hosts the “Kitty Fun Night” hosted by Counseling and Wellness. This event takes place in the multipurpose room and a local shelter brings in kittens, cats, and sometimes a ferret for students to relax and unwind. “I like that they bring the kittens in contrast to the dogs because sometimes big dogs can actually be overwhelming while small cats are calming,” said Raul Rivera (’22).

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