Campus reacts to Florida shooting

By Brittany Pierce Staff Writer In Parkland, Florida at Marjory Stone Douglas High School, 19-year-old Nikolas Cruz killed 17 people in his Valentine’s Day attack this past Wednesday. The 17 victims included both students and teachers and there were several more injured.   Cruz had a history of making disturbing violent comments to his classmates, posting... Continue Reading →

Highland Java employees reflect on changes

By Nathaniel Fryer Staff Writer Highland Java was founded by Alma students in 2006, and its purpose was to serve the Alma College community as a student run coffee shop, which had not previously existed.   Since then, Highland Java has grown and changed into a representation of Alma students in Entrepreneurs in Action (EIA) working... Continue Reading →

Tensions rise about service dog on campus

By Brittany Pierce Staff Writer The monthly visits from the therapy dogs are generally highly anticipated on campus, but service dogs have not been getting the same treatment. One student has had her service dog Max on campus for three years, but she often runs into complaints.   “The teacher informed me that there was a... Continue Reading →

Superhero movies lack diversity

By Samantha Anteau Staff Writer When people think of superheroes, they often think of attractive white men saving the world. It’ll usually take a couple rounds of “name a superhero” before someone says a woman (though, admittedly, the “Wonder Woman” movie helped change this a little; more on that later) and even longer for them... Continue Reading →

Morris avoids traps of pop, does it right

By Paige Daniel Thoughts Editor Rae Morris is new to the pop that her second album, “Someone Out There,” is steeped in – but she is familiar with good songwriting. When those two elements come together, Morris obliterates the sophomore slump into mere myth.   I had not become acquainted with Morris until she started promoting... Continue Reading →

MacCurdy sponsors new events on campus

By Cassie Florian News Editor Alma College’s on-campus women’s aid center, the MacCurdy house, has been very active this year, having held events such as the slut walk and a house meet and greet that members hosted in the fall.   This month, MacCurdy is sponsoring two more events that, like those it has hosted in... Continue Reading →

Otaku and Gamers hosts Almacon

By Rose Cyburt News Editor The Alma College Otaku and Gamers (ACOG), an active club on campus, has been preparing for this year’s AlmaCon since the end of the convention last year. The three-day event included everything from Cosplay & Cons 101 to a charity auction and even guest speakers.   Along with the panels, there... Continue Reading →

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