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New professors on campus

KYLEE LARYPHOTOGRAPHER DARCY DAENZERLAYOUT EDITOR 9/11/2023 Alma College has been going through some changes recently and a big part of those changes is the 14 new professors. This includes Professors Bowers and Mondlak in the Psychology department, Professor Brown in Theatre, Professor Campbell in Philosophy, Professor Davis in Dance, Professors Doggett and Talbert in Communication, […]

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Detroit and Toledo zoos increase security after animal disappearances around the U.S.

LIATHANO RAMIREZGRAPHIC DESIGNER DARCY DAENZERLAYOUT EDITOR 4/10/2023 Within the past year, the Dallas, Louisiana and New York zoos have all had animals taken or released from their respective facilities. Taking this potential threat to their animals seriously, the Detroit and Toledo zoos have increased their security to prevent something similar from happening. While no animal […]

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Deadliest earthquake occurs in Turkey and Syria in over 20 years

LEIA LEHRERGRAPHIC DESIGNER DARCY DAENZERLAYOUT EDITOR 2/20/2023 On Feb. 6, a seven-point- eight magnitude earthquake has left at least 35,000 people dead. The epicenter of the earthquakeoccurred near the Turkey-Syrian border and the unusually high six-point-seven, seven-point-five and six-point-zero magnitudeaftershocks occurred just hours after the initial quake, further increasing the death toll. On the Richter Scale, a measurement […]

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Students perform in annual choreography concert

DARCY DAENZERLAYOUT EDITOR 2/6/2023 This past weekend, Feb. 3 to Feb. 5, dancers participated in the annual student choreography concert featuring original choreography from Alma students. “Last winter semester, the co-director, Athelia Gray (’23), and I began to set the concert up by creating an auditionprocess–forms that both dancers and choreographers fill out–communicating with faculty advisors and creating rehearsal schedules,” […]

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Travel spring terms back in full force

LEIA LEHRERGRAPHIC DESIGNER DARCY DAENZERLAYOUT WRITER 1/23/2023 For the first time in over two years, spring terms are in full swing as the number of options students have to choose either a domestic or abroad spring term has increased to pre-COVID standards.  Restrictions in response to COVID-19 made it so that Alma College, as well as many other institutions, […]