Salem Gray Weston Hirvela

Club Q shooting in Colorado

WESTON HIRVELAGRAPHIC DESIGNER SALEM GRAYSTAFF WRITER 12/5/2022 Approximately ten minutes before Midnight on Nov. 19, 2022, 22-year-old Anderson Lee Aldrich allegedly opened fire inside Club Q, a gay nightclub in Colorado Springs, CO. At 11:56 PM, the Colorado Springs Police received a 911 call, and within six minutes, Aldrich had been subdued and taken into custody.  Richard […]

Darcy Daenzer

The fight against climate change – activism or acts of aggression?

DARCY DAENZER11/21/2022 Just over a month ago on Oct.14, two members of the climate activist group Just Stop Oil threw two cans of tomato soup on Vincent van Gogh’s painting “Sunflowers” in the National Gallery in London. Before the two activists were arrested for their actions, they were seen gluing their hands to the wall below the statue and giving a thought-provoking […]

Emma Figlewicz

Overview of Michigan minimum wage increase

EMMA FIGLEWICZSTAFF WRITER 11/21/2022 In the upcoming year, Michigan will be increasing the minimum wage. Outlined in the 2018 Improved Workforce Opportunity Wage Act, the minimum wage is to rise to $9.87/hour. Additionally, the tipped minimum wage will rise to $3.75, and the rate for minors will rise to $8.39. According to the Michigan Legislature, “The 2018 Improved Wage Workforce Opportunity Wage Act […]

Claire Hipps Megan Neeley

Whitmer or Dixon to become Michigan’s next Governor

CLAIRE HIPPS AND MEGAN NEELEYSTAFF WRITER 11/7/2022 Gretchen Whitmer (D) and Tudor Dixon (R) are facing off in Michigan’s (MI) 2022 gubernatorial election, or the election for governor. Whitmer, the incumbent, highlights infrastructure development, investments in business and access to abortion as key aspects of her campaign. Dixon, endorsed by former President Donald Trump, is […]

Darcy Daenzer Oct 24, 2022

Hurricane Ian’s devastating consequences

WESTON HIRVELAGRAPHIC DESIGNER DARCY DAENZERSTAFF WRITER 10/24/2022 On September 28, Hurricane Ian, the landmark Category 4 storm, wreaked devastation on Florida with winds up to 155 miles per hour. The storm was responsible for “at least 119 [lives], more deaths than any other hurricane had caused in Florida since 1935,” said Smith et al. of the New York Times. Furthermore, estimated insured […]

Claire Hipps Oct 24, 2022

Potential SCOTUS ruling jeopardizes Voting Rights Act

CLAIRE HIPPSCOPY EDITOR 10/24/2022 The Supreme Court (SCOTUS) is currently considering the case Merrill v. Milligan, where the State of Alabama allegedly attempted to redistrict their congressional map in a way that under represents black voters. Alabama has been accused by Evan Milligan, the executive director of Alabama Forward, and his associates of illegally packing black voters into a single district while dividing […]

Claire Wittlief

Lockhart Chemical Company Controversey

WESTON HIRVELAGRAPHIC DESIGNER CLAIRE WITTLIEFSTAFF WRITER 10/3/2022 In July of 2022, the Lockhart Chemical Company located in Flint, Michigan, was identified as releasing discharge from a storm sewer due to a main breach. As of September 19, 2022, the company has been ordered to stop the usage of their wastewater and stormwater conveyance systems, which […]

Alivia GIles Sep 19, 2022

Noah Schnapp faces campus safety concerns

ALIVIA GILESLAYOUT EDITOR 9/19/2022 Stranger Things star Noah Schnapp recently began his first year at the University of Pennsylvania. Concerning images, including screenshots of what appear to be other students’ private conversations about Schnapp, have surfaced on Twitter. This has caused fans to worry about the actor’s safety. Since starting school, images of the 17-year-old […]