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Intramural sports return for end of fall semester




From the end of Oct. to mid Nov., intramural sports will be back in full swing, with basketball, volleyball, pickleball and potentially other sports being offered for students to join. Intramural sports offer a way for students to put their schoolwork aside, work up a sweat and have some fun with friends for a few hours a week.

Intramurals allow people who, perhaps, used to play a sport, to return to that sport in a way that puts less pressure on the person to win and the emphasis more on having fun with your friends. Even if you don’t have any experience in the sport, it can still be a great way to meet new people and try something that you have never done before.

I would definitely recommend it to others considering playing. It is super fun and a good way to take a break from studying and doing class work,” said Jayden Rawlin (’24).

“I also do it with a bunch of girls on my soccer team which is always so fun because we can get competitive. [It’s] just a good time hanging out with people and meeting new people,” said Rawlin.

Rawlin has played a variety of sports that the Recreation Center had to offer. “I have participated in [v]olleyball, [b]asketball, [kickball] and an event they did between athletes and fraternities which was so fun.”

As previously stated, even if you haven’t played the sport before, it can still be a fun experience. “I would definitely recommend intramurals to anybody. When we played volleyball, we played a bunch of different teams with a bunch of different skill levels, and it’s fun regardless of how good you are,” said Amelia Price (’24).

When the link becomes available, students will be able to sign up for free through IM Leagues. Make sure to come up with a team name and, depending on the sport, you will need a certain number of players to ensure your team is entered in the respective tournament. 

Also, if your team is the one to come out on top, you get a free T-shirt, which always seems to be a good incentive.

Intramural sports of all kinds seem to be picking up traction and gaining the attention of more and more students each year while bringing back the students who have played in the past. “I do plan on hopefully participating again this [winter,], especially if [it’s] volleyball or basketball,” said Rawlin. 

Price also plans on returning to intramurals this year to defend her team’s title of intramural volleyball champions. So, watch out for her team if you plan on joining this sport in the fall. 

Depending on the interest, they may limit the number of teams that are allowed to sign up, so make sure you do so as soon as possible.

Kenton Elworth, who is overseeing intramurals for the semester, has plans for the future. These plans include potentially adding to the selection of sports students will be able to play.

Even if you decide not to participate in intramurals, you can always cheer from the sidelines. Games are usually played Monday through Thursday from 6:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m., so if you haven’t had your fill of winter sports, the Rec Center is open for all students to come and play or watch.

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