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New coaches join the Scots




With the introduction of many new coaches to the Scots’ athletic staff, the Alma College community would like to welcome the following coaches and wish them luck in their upcoming seasons.

Alister Newby, joining Alma from Wabash College, is the new head coach of the Men’s Soccer Team. For Alister, it has been an exciting season already as he has collected two wins for the Scots and has fought hard with his team to secure two draws as well.

“I am most looking forward to… being able to work with our fantastic student-athletes every day on the training field… [and] having the opportunity to work with a great group of young men through their college years,” said Alister.

Mokhles Elsysy “CC” will be joining Alister as the new assistant coach of Men’s Soccer.

Zach Cameron, a retired GVSU lacrosse player and the former assistant coach of Kalamazoo College, is joining the Scots as the head coach of the Men’s Lacrosse Team. “I’m very honored to be the new head coach at Alma,” said Cameron.

With Men’s Lacrosse bringing home the volunteer award this past year at Scotties to prove the team’s involvement goes beyond the field, Cameron will be a great fit as he is “excited to help the team succeed [both] on and off the field.”

“I believe that the culture of Alma College Men’s Lacrosse was in need of a strong figurehead. With a new head coach, the values of the team can be restructured. I like the direction of our program because we have a new leader that cares about our success on and off the field,” said Dalron Gray (’24), a senior on the Men’s Lacrosse team.

Julia Bradford, an Alma alum, is going above and beyond for the Scots as she has taken on two new roles: Head Coach of Spirit Squad and Assistant Coach of Cheer and STUNT. “I’m looking forward to forming connections with the athletes on both Spirit Squad and Cheer/STUNT… It’s been so great to be back in the Alma community,” said Bradford.

Bradford is partnering with Alexis Martenis as she is also a new assistant coach of Cheer/STUNT.

Alma College also gained an assistant coach for Men’s and Women’s Swimming and Diving. Raegan Stambaugh is serving as the consistent base for the team after the loss of another head coach.

Lillian Albaugh and Elizabeth Gotaas are both new assistant coaches for Track and Field. Albaugh is also the new Recruiting Coordinator of Cross Country and Gotaas is doubling as a new assistant coach for Cross Country.

Football has three new assistant coaches joining the team: Teddy Spooner, Alex Dean and the returning assistant coach, Ty Hill. 

Women’s Basketball also has a returning assistant coach joining them this season, Sean O’Malley. Additionally, Men’s Basketball has acquired a new assistant coach, Darien Burse.

And the list goes on: Leah Good is the new head coach of Volleyball accompanied by Megan Greenup as assistant coach; Jordan Monroes is the new assistant coach for Women’s Wrestling and Zach Altman is the new assistant coach of Men’s Wrestling; Ashley Oldham is the new assistant coach of Women’s Soccer; And, Brian Martin is the new assistant coach of Baseball.

As the athletic department welcomes these new faces to a multitude of different teams, athletes are firing up for the successful seasons to come. Visit almascots.com for more information regarding athletic staffing updates.

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