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Gossip Squirrel 9/25/2023

Dear Gossip Squirrel, 
I feel like so many people are so fake and nobody is living their authentic selves. I feel like everyone is trying to be cool, and because I’m not I am an outcast. I have my friends but they aren’t like me. I don’t know what to do, I feel alone.
– WeirdKid

Dear WeirdKid, 
You are wise beyond your years. You will not always feel lonely, I can guarantee that. Maybe find a club on campus that has weird people, too. There are lots of them out there… you just have to keep an eye out.
XOXO Gossip Squirrel

Dear Gossip Squirrel, 
My roommate smells really bad. Like, actually I walk into our room and it smells like the trenches of some old guy’s trousers. It feels too late to talk to them about it, but I can not continue living like this. They even leave their shoes out in the room where they can air out and I swear there are little fart goblins living in them.
– NoseBleed

Dear NoseBleed,
I suggest you kindly talk to your roomie about hygiene. Or, find a new one. Not everybody knows how to keep a clean and tidy life, and it’s not always their fault- if they weren’t taught it.
XOXO Gossip Squirrel

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