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New professors on campus




Alma College has been going through some changes recently and a big part of those changes is the 14 new professors.

This includes Professors Bowers and Mondlak in the Psychology department, Professor Brown in Theatre, Professor Campbell in Philosophy, Professor Davis in Dance, Professors Doggett and Talbert in Communication, Professor Gibson in Chemistry, Professor Matthews in History, Professors Meyers and Rito in Music, Professor Singer in Business Administration, Professor Varghese in Economics and Professor Zaker in Education.

At the end of last semester, many of the students’ favorite professors left Alma; however, with the addition of these new professors, the students’ education will be in good hands. All the new professors came to Alma College for a reason and are excited to start working with and building relationships with their new students.

“[What excites me about getting to teach at Alma is] absolutely the unique opportunity to develop meaningful relationships with the students here,” said Professor Campbell, Assistant Professor in the Philosophy Department. “I’m just starting here, and I already really value speaking with and hearing from the students.”

The classes Professor Campbell currently teaches include Western Philosophy, Critical Thinking and Environmental Ethics. Furthermore, he will teach an Ethics of Social Media course next semester.

“I can’t wait to teach my Ethics of Social Media course next winter. Students who have taken this class before have really, really liked it,” said Campbell.

Professor Bowers, Lecturer of Psychology, is similarly excited to be teaching here at Alma. “It’s a prestigious college [and] it allowed me to do research at the level…I would like…[with] high-quality students.”

Professor Bowers has a hard time picking a favorite from the courses he is teaching right now, including Psychopharmacology, Cognition and Senior Seminar.

“I enjoy teaching them all. I really enjoy teaching Introduction Neuroscience…because usually students [have] never come into contact with that information,” said Professor Bowers. “[With] Psychopharmacology, the field has grown so rapidly [and] I’m learning so much [and the] students are engaged with the material. The Seminar course is always awesome [as well].”

On top of the classes he is teaching now, Professor Bowers also has hopes of teaching Primatology and Methods courses in the future. 

If you ever want to stop by and chat to Dr. Campbell, his office hours are Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 12:15pm-1:00pm and Tuesday and Thursday from 2:00pm-3:00pm. But you can find him in his office, SAC 347, outside of these hours, too.

Similarly, for Professor Bowers, his office hours, or “student-success hours” as he likes to call them, are Monday through Friday 10:00am-11:00am or by appointment.

If you want to know more about some of the professors that weren’t featured in this article, all it takes is a quick email to make a good impression and make them feel welcome.

Every new professor is undoubtedly excited to be teaching here and would love to have students take the time to get to know them, as they, in turn, would like to get to know you. So, don’t be afraid to introduce yourself, they would surely appreciate it.

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