Claire Wittlieff Thoughts/Opinions

Review of Sophfronia Scotts’s Wild, Beautiful, and Free

LEIA LENRERGRAPHIC DESIGNER CLAIRE WITTLIEFFLAYOUT EDITOR 4/10/2023 On Apr. 4, I had the immense pleasure and honor of talking to Sophfronia Scott about her new novel titled Wild, Beautiful, and Free. Scott is the brilliant director of Alma College’s MFA program centered on Creative Writing. The program offers three main areas of study: fiction, creative nonfiction, […]

Megan Neeley Thoughts/Opinions

Student concerns vs. statistics: admissions and prestige

KYLEE LARYPHOTOGRAPHER MEGAN NEELEYCOPY EDITOR 4/10/2023 Alma College admissions rates have been on the rise with the campus seeing a 20% increase in applications and a 22.7% increase in admittance from Fall 2022 according to Rachel Plasche, the Assistant Director of Admissions and Coordinator of Diversity Recruitment. More students will also be transferring to Alma […]

Darcy Daenzer National

Detroit and Toledo zoos increase security after animal disappearances around the U.S.

LIATHANO RAMIREZGRAPHIC DESIGNER DARCY DAENZERLAYOUT EDITOR 4/10/2023 Within the past year, the Dallas, Louisiana and New York zoos have all had animals taken or released from their respective facilities. Taking this potential threat to their animals seriously, the Detroit and Toledo zoos have increased their security to prevent something similar from happening. While no animal […]