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Gossip Squirrel 10/24/2022

Dear Gossip Squirrel,
I feel like my roommate doesn’t like me. They are never in our room and have barely
spoken to me since move in. We both like sports and I’m sure would have more in
common but they don’t seem to [want to] give it a chance. Things always feel tense
and it gets pretty awkward. Any tips or advice?
-Confused Roommate

Dear Confused Roommate,
If you haven’t brought this up with them then maybe you should consider bringing it up casually. There might be a possibility that they aren’t completely aware of the room dynamic. I think if you are trying to reach out and are not getting any sort of response back, you should definitely consider either moving forward without a strong friendship or if things get more tense it could be beneficial to talk to someone like an RA about it.
-Gossip Squirrel

Dear Gossip Squirrel,
So I have a long distance relationship and college is really straining things. Our
schedules don’t line up so face time doesn’t work very well. I don’t want it to end but
idk what to do….
-Worried Partner

Dear Worried Partner,
Long distance relationships can have their hardships and a busy schedule adds another challenge. It is important to focus on the way that you both find time to talk. Are both of your schedules completely full or are you giving up some moments where you could talk a little bit. If it hasn’t already happened, this should be a conversation between the both of you. Regardless of it going good or bad both of you should value sitting down and having this conversation.
-Gossip Squirrel

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