Darcy Daenzer Oct 24, 2022

Hurricane Ian’s devastating consequences

WESTON HIRVELAGRAPHIC DESIGNER DARCY DAENZERSTAFF WRITER 10/24/2022 On September 28, Hurricane Ian, the landmark Category 4 storm, wreaked devastation on Florida with winds up to 155 miles per hour. The storm was responsible for “at least 119 [lives], more deaths than any other hurricane had caused in Florida since 1935,” said Smith et al. of the New York Times. Furthermore, estimated insured […]

Claire Hipps Oct 24, 2022

Potential SCOTUS ruling jeopardizes Voting Rights Act

CLAIRE HIPPSCOPY EDITOR 10/24/2022 The Supreme Court (SCOTUS) is currently considering the case Merrill v. Milligan, where the State of Alabama allegedly attempted to redistrict their congressional map in a way that under represents black voters. Alabama has been accused by Evan Milligan, the executive director of Alabama Forward, and his associates of illegally packing black voters into a single district while dividing […]

Campus Maria Kolb Oct 24, 2022

Choir and Orchestra tune up

CLAIRE WITTLIEFSTAFF WRITER LEX FLINTCOPY EDITOR 10/24/2022 Alma College’s Choir and Orchestra programs have begun practicing for their fall performances and for the rest of the school year to come. Both esteemed programs on campus, the choir and orchestra, are some of the ways Alma College features musically talented students.  The Choir’s performance this past […]