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Gossip Squirrel 10/3/2022

Dear Gossip Squirrel,
I have had the busiest semester and feel like I have signed up for a lot that I’m not fully prepared for. Classes have been crazy, but I feel like I always have meetings until 8:00pm.

-I just want a break

Dear I just want a break,
So sorry that you have been having some hectic moments this semester. The best thing you can do is look ahead and rest. If you have a good idea of what your workload looks like, making sure you get your work done early is crucial! Always make sure that you are also giving yourself time to relax. Frustration will only make everything more complicated so make sure to take a break to reset.

– Gossip Squirrel

Dear Gossip Squirrel,
I feel like I have had a pretty bad relationship with one of my teachers. Though I don’t focus the best in class, I definitely try to keep a good exchange between us plus I try to ask questions and have always been good about turning my work in.

-Teacher hates me

Dear teacher hates me,
It can be frustrating putting in effort for a class in which you don’t feel like your work is being appreciated. The best thing you can do as a student is continuing to do exactly what you are doing. Continue to be diligent about your work and continue asking your teacher questions. Though your teacher might not see the amount of effort you are putting in your work, your overall understanding of the class and your motivation to get your work done will help you be successful in your class.

-Gossip Squirrel

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