Almanian Horoscopes: Mercury Retrograde lasting September 27 through October 18

Taking place in Libra, in the 11th house 

Izzy Oakley 


The signs most affected by this retrograde will be Aries, Cancer and Libra 

The signs least affected by this retrograde will be Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius 

Aries, with the retrograde taking place in your seventh house of relationships, this is an important time for you to be mindful of your words. Any room left for interpretation may also leave room for miscommunication. Be clear in communicating what you want and need from friends and partners, don’t make them guess. 

Taurus, The retrograde won’t affect you too heavily, this is not a time to make any big financial decisions. Try to instead focus on practicing some self-care. Physical self-care activities like a morning workout or yoga session, or even some skin care will help. 

Gemini, a lack of creative energy may emerge due to the retrograde in your fifth house of inspiration and creativity. You may also experience a resurfacing of past issues or even exes coming out of the woodwork, but don’t take the bait.  

Cancer, with a retrograde in your fourth house, avoid drama at home. You will tend towards defensiveness if confronted with any trouble, so do your best to have patience with those around you.  

Leo, though its effect is weak, the retrograde in your third house of communication may lead you to speak out of turn. If possible, avoid important work calls or situations where there seems a great potential for emotional conflict. 

Virgo, this retrograde falls in your house of possessions, so watch your spending as well as what you say. You could potentially see some money or security issues coming up, but an opportunity to work with an old friend has the potential to be a great payoff. Reach out to them. 

Libra, especially affected by this retrograde in your first house of self-identity, you may find yourself at a loss for words. Consider the way you communicate with others, and try not to be bossy, even if you’re using a pleasant tone of voice. 

Scorpio, this retrograde takes place in your twelfth house of inner thoughts and desires. This calls you to take some time for introspection, especially when you’re having some tough conversations. This is a good time for you to learn to be a better listener. 

Sagittarius, with this retrograde affecting your eleventh house of community, you should be cautious in working with a group. Your typically sharp wit may offend those unfamiliar with you, so reign it in. Be concise and instructive when directing others. 

Capricorn, you’re experiencing this retrograde in your tenth house of career, so be patient! Scale back on any projects that seem unrealistic and focus on perfecting behind the scenes of what’s important. 

Aquarius, not terribly affected by this retrograde, you may feel a bit adventurous. Miscommunication on others’ ends might be your downfall, however, so make sure you double check any plans. You should also stick to the concrete plans you have and hold off on those more tentative. 

Pisces, with the retrograde occurring in your eighth house of secrets you might be feeling unappreciated by those around you. Take a break, come back and consider employing a new approach to whatever is draining you. 

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