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Winter recruitment is among us


In the coming weeks, sororities and fraternities all over campus will be anxiously awaiting the arrival of their new members. Sorority recruitment started on Saturday, Jan. 18, and will conclude with walkouts on Friday, Jan. 24. Fraternity recruitment starts on Jan. 22 and goes through Feb. 5. Runouts is on Feb. 8.

Sorority recruitment occurs in three rounds. The first, which took place on Jan. 18, is known as the open house. Potential new members are divided into groups and taken to each sorority house, where they get to know the basics and meet the members of each organization.

The second group is known as the philanthropy round, where potential new members are invited back to get to know the sisters of each sorority better and learn about their philanthropies. This round took place on Jan. 19 and again on Jan. 20.

The third (and last) round is known as preferencing, which will take place on Jan. 22 and Jan. 23. It is known as the last chance to make a good impression on both sides. Potential new members are able to spend one last round getting to know the sisters of the organizations they’ve been invited back to and make a lasting impression on them. On the other hand, as well, members of sororities work hard to make a good impression on potential new members as they launch into preferencing after the last round.

Recruitment for the fraternities, on the other hand, is a bit different. The fraternities on campus do what’s known as an open rush system, so that any fraternity can hold an event at some point during the rush period, as long as it doesn’t overlap with another fraternity event.

This new system has recently come about due to Michigan’s newly passed laws concerning the smoking age across the state.

“Greek life has completely changed my life,” said Blake Jonassen (’22). “It has allowed me to grow close to so many people that I never would have gotten the chance to and has given me so many opportunities that have completely opened up the world to me.”

“Not only do I get to spend even more time with people that I absolutely love, but I get to spread my love for Greek life to anyone and everyone who is willing to hear it,” said Jonassen.

The process of recruitment can be overwhelming for some, specifically in the beginning. Learning about every sorority in such a short amount of time can cause the day to be stressful for potential new members, especially if they aren’t sure if they want to commit to Greek life.

But Greek life has its positives. Being in a sorority or fraternity can have a great impact on their members.

“I was interested in Greek life because I wanted to find an organization [that] I truly felt at home in. Being in Alpha Xi Delta has helped me discover parts of myself I didn’t know were there,” said Lexy Maas (’22). “This sorority is turning me into a leader and showing me I’m capable of a lot more than I thought.”

“Beyond that, the sisterhood I found is incredible. I truly feel connected to every girl in the chapter,” said Maas. “Having a group of people that loves, appreciates, and supports me is what gets me through a lot of hard and stressful times.”

While the bonds Greek life creates are undoubtedly strong and long-lasting, there’s no shortage of other great things to be offered. Many people involved in Greek life comment on the many opportunities they receive to work on their leadership skills.

“I had the opportunity to take on a leadership role in my sorority, and because of that opportunity I was able to make connections with alumnae and even got an internship at an automotive company that one of our alums works at over the summer,” said Cheyenne Hansen (’20).

Students are encouraged to sign up for recruitment, even if it’s something they aren’t sure they want to pursue. Despite being unsure, potential new members might find themselves to be pleasantly surprised.

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