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Men’s Lacrosse wins under new coaching staff


The Alma College Men’s Lacrosse team has completed their non-traditional fall season after their scrimmages against the University of Michigan-Dearborn and Central Michigan University this past weekend.

“We were able to win both games against some really good competition. Both were great all-around team efforts and every single guy was able to contribute,” said Men’s Lacrosse Head Coach, Adam Nycz.

Nycz is new to the head coaching scene here at Alma but this is not a new team or location for him. Coach Adam Nycz was actually the assistant coach of the team prior to his new position. He is coaching alongside his brother Jared Nycz (‘19), who is a former lacrosse player for the Scots and is now the assistant coach, filling his brother’s shoes.

The Buffalo, New York natives are thrilled to have taken over this program.

“I started playing lacrosse pretty young and was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to play in college. This game has taken me on an amazing path and I’ve always thought it was important to give back, so coaching had always been the best way for me to do that,” said Adam Nycz.

The team is also giving good feedback and excitement about the new coaching staff.

“We all knew Coach Nycz very well over the past few years so it wasn’t a tough transition to get used to [a new coach]. Coach Nycz has done a great job so far of making sure we are putting in full effort into everything we do,” said Men’s Lacrosse Team Captain, Thomas Needham (‘20).

Another captain of the Men’s Lacrosse Team, Connor Alley (‘20), has a similar opinion to his teammate.

“Coach Nycz [Adam] has been here since before my freshman year, so he knows how most of us tick. He knows the game of lacrosse better than anyone else I know. Not having him on the offensive side of the ball will be tough this year, but he’s going to do great things for our defense,” said Alley.

Though Alley is going to miss the new head coach on the offensive side of the field this year; he thinks that his brother, Jared, is the right man to take over.

“With Coach Nycz (Jared) we’re picking up right where we left off last spring. He was a teammate of ours and one of the best that I’ve ever played next to. He has done a great job with the transition from player to coach this fall. I think to a lot of us, he was more of a coach on the field the past few years anyway. So, the only thing that has really changed is that he’s not suiting up next to us,” said Alley.

The team had a promising fall season ending with a 20-5 win over Central Michigan University and a 13-7 victory against University of Michigan-Dearborn.

“I thought that the team played really well in both games. We were very successful on offense and the defense looked just as good if not better than it has in years past. Goalie play was great, and a lot of young guys were able to go out there and show what they are capable of,” said Alley.

The team is hoping this great start in the fall will transfer over to the team’s regular season in the spring.

“I thought the fall season went great. The new guys adapted really well to how we do things here whether it was on the field, in the weight room or in the class room as well and we just need to continue to be pre-pared everyday going into the regular season,” said Needham.

Captains like Needham and Alley play a big role on the team as far as how the team is structured and are a positive influence for many of their teammates.

“As a captain, our main role is to lead the team on and off the field. The three of us take the lead on a lot of the smaller tasks, like making sure guys are on time to team events, lifts, and practices. The Coaches really lean on us when they need things done. It’s our job to make sure the team is running how it should be so that we can be successful from the moment we step on campus,” said Alley.

Both coaches have big goals and high expectations for their team as they patiently wait for practices to start up again in January. For now, there focus for the team is in the classroom and the weight room.

“For the rest of the year our expectations will remain pretty high. The guys have the opportunity to really focus on the academics and hopefully they’ll continue to dedicate time to the weight room and improving their lacrosse skills. I’m really excited to get back on the lacrosse field and see what we can accomplish this spring,” said Coach Jared Nycz

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