Campus Dylan Cour Feature Feb 11 2019

Model United Nations wins again


While spring break is a time for many to get away and get a break from school, some still have very important work to do. The Model U.N. (MUN) team traveled to St. Louis, Missouri for their first round of competition over break.

The St. Louis level is typically used as a learning experience for the newest members of MUN before they are launched into the bigger competition in New York. Prior to the conference, many hours of work are put in to ensure everybody is up to the same level of experience.

“The new members have been preparing for St. Louis since day one of class. They read background guides, breakdown subtopics, write speeches, practice [writing] resolutions, practice leading and create large research binders full of information on their topics to take to conference,” said Elizabeth Flatoff (’21).

At the conference, the Alma team did very well, receiving 12 awards.

“We earned our scores because we worked hard, lead our committees, wrote and amended resolutions, and most importantly worked on census building. We worked together and lead others to create the best product we could in a short period of time,” said Flatoff.

Leading up to this conference took a lot of hard work on the part of everyone in MUN.

“Each class is different, but we typically start with a test over major country leaders, geography, major world news, and how the UN works. Then we usually break into smaller groups to break down the topics each committee will handle, like women’s rights or peacekeeping. Most people, if not everyone, also give a speech followed by Q and A sections and critiques on our style and flow. On off weeks, we will try to take some time to run simulations and practice writing our resolutions,” said Aubrey Root (’22).

The St. Louis conference may not be as big, but the preparation is just the same. Hours upon hours of running the simulations, taking the tests and giving speeches. Conference days look very similar to a singular class, only accompanied by a bit more stress.

“Conference days start at about 6 a.m. We like to get to the conference room at least an hour before everything starts, just to practice and get a look at the space. Then once it starts, we get going with the speakers, making motions, and writing our resolutions. This will go for most of the day and bed time is usually at about 1 a.m. But in the end, it’s worth it,” said Nino Lazaria (’22).

Moving forward, however, the practice will not stop. While Alma placed very well at this conference, the New York conference is quickly approaching. It will take place from Mar. 22 to Mar. 28.

“I am very excited for New York, this will be my first time attending, since last [year] I had to get a few brain tumors removed first. But this year I am tumor free and ready to compete!” said Flatoff.

“I would like to see the entire group work on confidence. Everyone did so well, but I feel like they second guessed themselves, and their awards. Some new members believe they only won an award because they had a returner partner, but that not true. I watched so many new members kill it at this conference, and it makes me sad that they don’t believe they did well,” said Flatoff.

As classes continue, as will the countless hours spent in SAC for the MUN kids. They will continue practicing so they can place as well in New York as they did in St. Louis.

“If we do all of this, put in a lot of time, and try our best to get along with others, then we will score well. We ensure that we stand out in a good way, and that people know us (our country name), so that we can continue doing well, and not let ourselves, and the team down,” said Flatof

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