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Freshmen settle into campus life


As fall semester comes to an end, students on campus have settled into their routines as undergraduates. Freshmen have started to learn the ways of navigating the Alma area, academics, and social life in general.

A few months ago, four freshmen were featured in a “Campus Comment” segment that focused on what they wanted to achieve looking forward at their lives as Alma College students.

Each student mentioned how excited they were to meet new people, take classes related to their majors and partake in featured clubs on campus.

Now, several weeks into the semester, we checked back in with those students to catch up with how they have been adapting to the college lifestyle.

“I’m happy with the person that I am. I feel the same, just in a more mature environment with a lot more people who have like mindsets to me, so I would say I’m way happier here overall,” said Brad Skellenger (‘22). Previously, Skellenger had mentioned that he was excited to meet new people who were as dedicated to music as he is.

Skellenger participates in band, choir and a small student-led vocal group called “Off Kilter” on campus.

Irene Collins (’22) found that her excitement about singing with the choirs was validated. “Chorale is my favorite class because singing makes me incredibly happy and [Will Nichols] is a wonderful professor,” said Collins. “My FYS (Time Travel in Science and Literature) is a close tie because the class is incredibly interesting and Dr. Jensen is a wonderful and incredibly thoughtful educator and person.”

Students can meet new people by joining clubs, engaging in their classes, going to on campus events and more. Every week at Alma, there is at least one event happening that has been put on by a student led group. These are made aware to the student body through posters around campus and emails sent to your Alma email address.

“My favorite thing to do on campus is attend sporting events and perform with the dance team,” said Alexandra Mithen (‘22). She had expressed in the earlier edition that she was excited to perform with the dance team this year, especially at sporting events. Mithen is heavily involved with the dance team as well as taking classes pertaining to dance on campus.

Moving into a new school with people that are unfamiliar can be challenging as an incoming freshman. However, as we move further into the fall semester, people around campus are starting to find their homes, friend groups, favorite classes and more.

“My favorite class is probably my FYS, which is Dance in the Humanities,” said Gina Dossantos (‘22). “I love learning about different forms of movement and how aspects like culture and history influence [them].”

Dossantos mentioned previously that she was excited to join clubs that celebrate different cultures. “I haven’t engaged in as many clubs as I had hoped to. However, I think now that I’ve seen all the different opportunities I have, I can pick the ones I’m drawn to most,” she said.

During the first semester of freshman year, a major life shift occurs. This can create a push towards large life changes in a short amount of time. Being away from family, living on your own and having to create new friendships and bonds comes along with that change.

“I [learned] that nothing will come easy here, everything, even the little things, require self-motivation and discipline,” said Dossantos.

For any incoming college students, Skellenger advised them to “[not] be shy. Talk to people even though you know you’re terrified to because it’s so much easier to be yourself once you’ve branched out already.”

Skellenger encouraged his fellow students to exceed their boundaries and make friends to have a much more enjoyable experience in college.

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