Campus Chapin Kartsounes Feature March 9 2020 Thoughts/Opinions Uncategorized

Trans students want to see Alma’s actions speak

CHAPIN KARTSOUNES WEB EDITOR The lack of restrooms that are available for any student, no matter what gender they prefer, on Alma’s campus is something to question. You may not have noticed this issue because it doesn’t particularly affect you, but for the students that it does, it is more than an inconvenience. There are […]

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Clapping in SAGA causes controversy

CHAPIN KARTSOUNES WEB EDITOR You may have heard the thunderous applauses every once in a while during meal times. The clapping and cheering occurs whenever someone drops a piece of dishware, loudly in the middle of Hamilton Commons. Once it hits the ground, people sitting in Saga might begin clapping, cheering and sometimes they might […]

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Living without access

BY CHAPIN KARTSOUNES WEB EDITOR You don’t necessarily know that something is missing until you need it. For me, that thing was handicap buttons, ramps, and other means of accessibility on campus. Throughout the summer, I became semi-dependent on mobility devices to get around, especially when I was going long distances or had a really […]