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Student services celebrate students


The staff at the Student Service Center celebrated Halloween with the students on Alma College’s campus by handing out candy and prizes and playing games. The workers at the Student Service Center wanted to thank the students at Alma for visiting and seeking help during their office hours.

The event was held from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. under Hamilton. The Student Service Center was decorated with the festivities of Halloween and the staff wore their best costumes to greet incoming students.

“This is one of my favorite days. It’s a fun day where we can see new students,” said Chloe Sova, a Financial Aid Advisor.

“This entire day is devoted to the students and in a lighthearted way, we look forward to this day every year,” said Sova. The purpose of the event is to connect with the students on campus and help them feel welcome to visit the Student Service Center.

Students who attended this celebration played games, enjoyed prizes and were given a large variety of Halloween candy.

“All of us volunteered to bring baked goods and provide a relaxing environment for the students,” said Sova.

A multitude of games were set up as a way for the students and the staff to bond and reminded students that they can stop by at any time. The games provided were a fun and interactive way for students to win prizes. “Students have the opportunity to win gift cards and prizes. These games allow for more interaction between us and the students than we typically see,” said Sova.

Planning the event involved the entire staff at the Student Service Center and their contributions reflected the appreciation that they have for the students on Alma College campus. “I would credit most of the shopping and decorating to Megan Bahlke,” said Sova.

The relationships built between the staff and the students on campus have strengthened every year from this event. “We have been celebrating this event since 2012 and every year gets better,” said Megan Bahlke, a Financial Aid Advisor that has worked at the Student Service Center for three years and enjoyed taking the time to put on this event.

The time that is taken to get to know the students on campus and help them through their journey through college is a major bonus for the workers at the Student Service Center. “I love working with the students on Alma’s campus. It’s the positive interactions that motivate me in this line of work,” said Bahlke.

“The students on Alma’s campus are very responsible. I appreciate working with students that are responsible because it makes my job better,” said Bahlke. Students on campus are appreciated and the staff enjoys their presence.

The Student Service Center has tried to improve their perspective on higher education every year.

“Here in the office we can have fun and reach out to students in a way they can be comfortable coming to us for guidance,” said Bahlke.

“Here, we enjoy providing a great atmosphere for families and students on campus to ask questions.”

Every year the staff at the Student Service Center works to improve and build upon the Halloween event.

“This is the first year we’ve dressed up for Halloween in the office and it’s our way of getting into the spirit of October and creating a fun space for students to come in,” said Sova.

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