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Friendships define the college experience


There are many ways to make friends on campus. “One day I decided to make dinner for some people in one of my classes.” said Olivia Flemming (‘20). “We had a lot of fun we talked and laughed for hours. Within that week, my new friends gave me a coffee mug as a thank you for making dinner for them. To be honest I almost cried because I was not used to having people do things like that for me.”

Some students met some of their best friends on campus while having their most memorable moment on campus.

“One of my fondest memories while at Alma College was the night of Sorority Walk-Outs because I gained so many new friends that night.” said Lauren Sandtveit (’21). “I met some girls who are my best friends now, and I never would have met without recruitment.”

Students on campus interact with both friends and strangers on campus. “I would say that your classes are probably the easiest places to make friends.” said Kirstyn Cotton (’21).

“Small class sizes help to create close relationships with your classmates. Saga (Hamilton Commons) is also a decent place to make friends because with the campus being so small, that’s where most people are going to go for their meal,” said Cotton.

There are other places on campus where students can make new friends. Sandtveit said that she has met some of her best friends at social events, parties and clubs. Some students also connect better with certain groups. “If you are a freshman and have an FYS, it is awesome to make a friend that you will graduate with. Another good place to make friends is Chapel. Everyone there is very nice, considerate and welcoming,” said Flemming.

Sandtveit believes that others need to have an open mind when trying to make new friends, and she thinks that people should get out of their comfort zone a little bit. “For anyone having trouble making friends, I would tell them to reach out to someone in their classes. Maybe ask if they want to study together or even just walk to Starbucks or something,” said Cotton.

There’s nothing wrong with having many friends on campus. “I would recommend having a few very close friends because it feels like a little family,” said Flemming.

Cotton said that there’s nothing wrong with continuing to make friends, and that people can never have too many people in your life that help you, care for you, and enjoy spending time with you. Sandtveit said that its never a bad thing to make more friends, but people should always remember who their true friends are.

There are always ways on campus to make friends. “There is a lot to do on this campus, so go out and enjoy it; make the most out of the years that you are here,” said Flemming.

Sandtveit said that going to events on campus is one of the first steps toward making as many new friends on campus as possible, and once you start meeting new people, it gets easier to continue making new friends.

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