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City of Alma celebrates with fall festival




Every year, the city of Alma hosts a Fall Festival in celebration of the changing seasons. This year’s festival was hosted on Oct. 26 when several different community members joined together.

The vendors, merchants and Alma College’s very own campus life passed out treats and participated in all the events the festival had to offer this year. Alma is a city that greatly appreciates the community and brings members together to share joy. 

There were hayrides available for all members of the community to enjoy that started on State Street and took the participants through the town.

The young kids of Alma were able to participate in this year’s Trunk-or-Treat, as well. Trunk-or-Treat is an activity many children enjoy. They visit different cars, and the handlers pass out candy to them in the traditional “Trick-or-Treat” fashion.

The festival, of course, extended to Alma College where our community was given the opportunity to participate in several ways. Whether it was passing out candy or just taking a walk downtown to soak in all the joy the town has to offer, there were many ways to get involved.

Several of the students in Fraternity and Sorority Life participated in town celebrations and events. Kappa Iota, Phi Sigma Sigma, Zeta Sigma, Sigma Chi and Phi Mu Alpha were all FSL organizations on campus that participated in this event. 

While the FSL community was involved with the city’s festival, they also hosted a few events themselves for campus life. Tau Kappa Epsilon and Delta Gamma Tau are two fraternities that hosted their own haunted houses.

Other events hosted included pumpkin painting, a scavenger hunt and Halloween trivia. The FSL organizations also offered up their space for the children to trick or treat at all of the houses. 

Ziayra Hulbert (‘24) is on the bowling team, and the team chose to participate in this year’s Fall Festival. The team had their car set up for Trunk-or-Treat. They even included a game of ladder ball for the kids to enjoy.

Ethan Honoway (‘24) is a member of Zeta Sigma, who participated in the Trunk or Treat at this year’s Fall Festival. “People in the frat are busy, so we have scheduled breaks. We had time for it, so I took a few people to go with me,” said Honoway. 

With the young kids around, funny and memorable moments are bound to happen, especially with such a fun and exciting event going on.

“I went dressed as Luigi and every once and a while, we would get a Mario or Princess Peach and I would make a big deal out of it and take pictures with the kids,” said Honoway.

Some of Alma College’s athletic teams also participated in the festival including the bowling team, softball, lacrosse, volleyball and the women’s wrestling team. There will be more festivals and opportunities to visit the campus community and learn more about the people and city around us. You can find any and all updates for events or celebrations on Alma College’s website.

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