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The Eras Tour heads to cinemas




Taylor Swift’s name and public image are known to everyone in the world. When Swift announced that her worldwide phenomenon tour was going to be premiering in theaters around the world, she practically broke the internet itself with a simple social media post and caused a ticket-buying war among fans. 

Swift comes back stronger than a nineties trend with this tour de force of a concert film. Taking some of the most important pieces from the Eras Tour Concert movie keeps the spirit of the original tour itself. Using improved transitions also increased the energy and emotion in an already energetic tour. 

Swift is once again setting records with sales and quality. She created a concert film that tops all the other concert movies that paved the way prior to this one. She has masterfully created a tour and then topped it with the film. Of course, that doesn’t come without some minor changes that have upset many fans. 

Swift has chosen to cut out elements of the tour like the poetry-inspired reading of the song, Seven, at the start of the Folklore Era. She has also cut the unsung, yet well-loved song, No Body, No Crime, and her collaboration with the band, Haim, which was featured on the tour. She also has cut the songs, The Archer, from Lover, the beloved song, Cardigan, from Folklore and Long Live from Speak Now. However, the latter is featured during the end credits. 

In addition, cutting the track, Wildest Dreams, from the 1989 set was a bold move on Swift’s part. This is because she is soon to release 1989 Taylor’s Version. This move has upset some fans who loved the song and its performance. 

The Eras Tour Concert Film captures the magic, essence and whimsy of the tour and makes small changes to spice it up to create a timeless theater experience. Swift knows how to tell a love story with her music and she’s able to elicitemotions from her fans while leaving them wide-eyed with teardrops on their cheeks and feeling delicate within these enchanted moments of song, dance and connection. 

There’s a certain bond between fans, and despite coming from different social backgrounds, having different political views or even being of different races, genders or identities, Swift and her music can unite millions around the world because that’s just the mastermind that Taylor Swift is. 

Personally, the Eras Tour Concert Film took me right back to the stands of the sold-out stadium and sent goosebumps down my spine while making me feel so moved and so sucked in by her magic. 

Swift knows how to connect generations of people and form friendships and bonds between people because she knows all too well how to make people fall in love with not only her music but also the community surrounding it. 

Speaking now about Taylor Swift and the community of love surrounding her music, the Almanian would like to happily announce that we’re throwing a Taylor Swift Night for all students on Oct. 27 at 5:30 p.m. at the Thomas Andison Chapel, formerly known as Dunning Memorial Chapel. 

We will be hosting a Taylor Swift trivia game with themed prizes, Swift-themed snacks, and activities inspired not only by 1989 but all seventeen years of her music.

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