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Kiltie Marching Band holds Centennial Celebration



On Sunday, Nov. 20, the Alma College Kiltie Marching Band (KMB) hosted the KMB Centennial Celebration.

The event, which followed the band’s final Indoor Show, took place in the Art Smith Arena located in Alma College’s Hogan Center. Tickets to the KMB Centennial Celebration were $35 and included dinner, drinks and a program of events.

Alma College partnered with New Holland Brewing Company to create a special KMB-themed amber ale called “Dualchas Linn” that matched the band’s Indoor Show theme. The ale was exclusive to the event and guests were able to purchase pint glasses commemorating the marching band’s 100-year anniversary.

Prior to the KMB Centennial Celebration, the college hosted an Indoor Show titled Dualchas Linn (scotch Gaelic for “heritage of a century”) featuring the marching band, pipe band, color guard and drumline. In addition to the 3 p.m. show on Nov. 20, the bands also performed at 8 p.m. on Nov. 19.

Benjamin Schall (’24) plays the clarinet in the marching band. Schall feels that they are carrying on a legacy and they are excited to see how they pave the way for future Scots. “It feels like [a] community. Thinking [about] students who were doing the same thing as me all the way back to 100 years ago with probably similar traditions is very powerful,” said Shall. “The KMB alumni who have come to celebrate with us make that even more tangible; it feels like we’re carrying a torch that we’ll pass on to the next century.”

Although performing at games and preparing for the Indoor Show was difficult at times, Schall has enjoyed the experience. “We took a long road to get to where we are, but the daily rehearsals and playing at games in frigid weather really helped us be (more than) prepared for this show,” said Schall.

“But I’ve loved making friends and growing close to my section, which has been the main thing pulling me through the rough parts.” Being a part of the band has also given Schall a new appreciation for football. They enjoyed cheering on the Scots during their successful season.

“I wasn’t really into football but getting to act as secondary cheerleaders while in the stands and doing our own cheers and chants and songs was immediately fun to me,” said Schall. “It felt even better when the Scots kept winning, and so it was impossible to not get invested in the season for me.”

Alma College encourages Kiltie Marching Band alumni and others to consider making a donation to help ensure the 100-year program can continue to be a significant part of the Alma College community.

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