Campus Danielle Nykanen

Mental health resources at Alma College

DANIELLE NYKANENSTAFF WRITER 11/21/2022 Alma College is welcoming back the old tradition of therapy dog and rescue kitten events. Students can now also schedule light therapy, Let’s Talk sessions and use of a massage chair through the Wilcox Health Center. Mental health concerns have been on the rise and many college campuses are seeing the impacts. Luckily, Alma […]

Alivia GIles Campus

Kiltie Marching Band holds Centennial Celebration

ALIVIA GILESLAYOUT EDITOR 11/21/2022 On Sunday, Nov. 20, the Alma College Kiltie Marching Band (KMB) hosted the KMB Centennial Celebration. The event, which followed the band’s final Indoor Show, took place in the Art Smith Arena located in Alma College’s Hogan Center. Tickets to the KMB Centennial Celebration were $35 and included dinner, drinks and a program of events. Alma College partnered with […]

Alivia GIles

My mind & Me (and 357 million followers)

ALIVIA GILESLAYOUT EDITOR 11/21/2022 Following an interview with Rolling Stone, Selena Gomez is facing criticism for comments some viewed as disrespectful to her organ donor and longtime friend, Francia Raisa. The situation reveals a negative side of the openness between some celebrities and their fans. In the interview, Gomez called Taylor Swift her “only friend in the [entertainment] industry.” The comment did […]


Letter to the editor

ADAM SHORT 11/21/2022 Many students, faculty, and staff, freely walk around campus, going from building to building, experiencing no physical obstacles in their way. Heavy doors? No issue. No elevator? I can take the stairs. As able-bodied people, we take for granted the ability to easily access any place that we want, without having to consider whether or not there will […]

Darcy Daenzer

The fight against climate change – activism or acts of aggression?

DARCY DAENZER11/21/2022 Just over a month ago on Oct.14, two members of the climate activist group Just Stop Oil threw two cans of tomato soup on Vincent van Gogh’s painting “Sunflowers” in the National Gallery in London. Before the two activists were arrested for their actions, they were seen gluing their hands to the wall below the statue and giving a thought-provoking […]

Emma Figlewicz

Overview of Michigan minimum wage increase

EMMA FIGLEWICZSTAFF WRITER 11/21/2022 In the upcoming year, Michigan will be increasing the minimum wage. Outlined in the 2018 Improved Workforce Opportunity Wage Act, the minimum wage is to rise to $9.87/hour. Additionally, the tipped minimum wage will rise to $3.75, and the rate for minors will rise to $8.39. According to the Michigan Legislature, “The 2018 Improved Wage Workforce Opportunity Wage Act […]

Campus Maria Kolb

Guest speaker brings awareness to “The Real Thanksgiving”

MARIA KOLBSTAFF WRITER 11/21/2022 Thanksgiving Break is coming soon to campus from Nov. 23 to Nov. 25. Before this time, a few events will take place on campus. One of those events is “The Real Thanksgiving” held on Nov. 16 from 6:00p.m. to 7:00 p.m. at the Tyler-Van Dusen Heather Room. The guest speaker, Hannah Bartol, of the Hannahville Indian Community discussed the true […]