Happy Aquarius Season!

Izzy Oakley


Almanian Horoscopes: January 22-Feb 3

Mercury Retrograde, now through Feb. 3rd, affecting expression of thoughts and finding many feelings, especially introspective.

Aries: Mars entering Capricorn at the end of this month marks the beginning of a new cycle. The next 2 months will bring productivity and progress, especially in relation to your career.

Taurus: You’ve undergone a significant transformation in significant relationships, and the end of this month’s new moon in Aquarius shifts your focus to career matters and your future. Use this time to set goals.

Gemini: January 23rd marks an important time for you to try and tune out the noise around you and allow your inner ideas to shine through. Something out of the blue may present the solution you need.

Cancer: The recent full moon in your sign called for a release of emotions, so use this time to let out anything you may be holding in. Be open to surprises.

Leo: A potential “A-ha!” moment regarding career matters may be coming. The 31st of January has a new moon focusing on your relationships, so finalize any important changes in this area as soon as you can.

Virgo: You’ve been preoccupied with romance, or romantic aspects of life, but this energy could be better spent redefining or reimagining old projects. Your analytical skills are appreciated by others now.

Libra: Aquarius season brings you a feeling of lightness after a potentially intense time. Spend more time on self-care, while a focus on your fifth house encourages you to pursue what brings you joy and contentment right now.

Scorpio: Unexpected things are happening to those close to you. This season brings lightness for you as well as many blessings in disguise.

Sagittarius: Aquarius season brings a focus to communication, but the Mercury retrograde is affecting the way you exchange information with others, so be mindful in discussion.

Capricorn: Use the combination of the Venus and Mercury retrogrades to help shape your future goals and plans right now. The 24th of January marks the beginning of a 2-month streak of productivity.

Aquarius: It’s your time to shine! Accordingly, expect people from your past to resurface, but remember the reasons you’ve left them there. Use the new moon on the 31st to set goals for the year ahead.

Pisces: Drama between friends has been a theme for you lately, but this month’s energy will be useful to help you move away from those relationships that no longer align with you. Abundance comes from creativity for you right now.

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