Dear GossipSquirrel,
I was put in quarantine and have had a really hard time with keeping up with my school work. I also have had a hard time just being by myself. How do I make sure I have a better time in quarantine?
-Isolated and sick

Dear Isolated and sick,
Quarantine can be a stressful time, especially when you are alone for all of it. When it comes to keeping up with your school work, communication is key. Making sure to communicate with your teachers is very important. By reaching out to them you might be able to figure out some accommodations for certain assignments. If you aren’t able to join class online it is essential to keep up with your readings and lectures (if they are posted by your teacher) to ensure that you keep up with what the topics being learned in class. When it comes to being alone for so long it is important that you are keeping up with good mental health habits. Sometimes trying to fill the time can help and other times some time to relax can help. If you are sick with symptoms make sure to rest and stay hydrated.

Dear GossipSquirrel,
I’m thinking of checking out Greek life in my future and just saw some of my friends go through sorority recruitment and other friends start to get excited about fraternity recruitment. I’m still considering it but am not 100% convinced. Would it be a good idea?

Dear Greeklifequestions,
If you are in any way intrigued by Fraternity Sorority Life on campus, then I think checking it out during recruitment is a great idea. The best part about recruitment is that you are able to see what FSL is like at Alma College through the process of recruitment without having to 100% commit to an organization. If by the end of recruitment you decide that it isn’t for you then you can decide to not accept a bid to any FSL organization. The best thing is going through recruitment is finding a home so giving it a try could end up being a great decision. Main recruitment for sororities occur in the fall while an informal recruitment occurred in the winter and formal recruitment for fraternities is starting this winter with an informal recruitment happening in the fall.

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