Campus prepares for homecoming

Sarah Sheathelm


One of the most exciting parts of the fall semester for any Alma College student is without a doubt homecoming. With the prime of the COVID-19 pandemic storming the college last fall, alumni were unable to travel back to celebrate and the Alma College campus hung quiet in the beginning of October when there should have been a sea of maroon and cream flooding the town of Alma.

With the stress and anxieties of another fall semester getting back underway, to some, the return of the bustle of excited alumni reuniting with former comrades is soon to follow. One cannot help but consider how current students feel about the bustling return of Alma College alumni coming down to campus in a couple short weekends.

When asked what they were most excited for, some mentioned the activities that involved both alumni as well as current students. “I am definitely looking forward to the parade the most,” said Laura Morrison (‘23). “I love watching [the parade] because it shows the school’s diversity and all of the representation from organizations on campus.”

The weeks leading up to homecoming are going to be busy for students. “I am most looking forward to recruitment [the week leading up to homecoming] because my mom was in a sorority and she had the best time and met some amazing people,” said Fiona Johnston (‘25). “I cannot wait for all of it to start [these next couple of weeks], it is a really fun and exciting time!”

Some share sentiments of how Alma College’s most iconic sounds echo throughout campus and bring them a sense of comfort. “Bagpipes. I am 100 percent most excited to hear the bagpipes playing day and night all weekend,” said Sophia Payne (‘22). “They are honestly one of the things I am most proud of about this school.”

Others share their excitement for being able to celebrate with former students. “I am really looking forward to homecoming because I like the celebration of past students coming back and I want to recognize all of the hard work that went into planning such a fun weekend,” said Morrison.

A large part of the campus community remains heavily involved in fraternity and sorority life and homecoming offers a new opportunity for active members. “I am most looking forward to next weekend because I am hoping that some Kappa Iota alumni will be able to be here and I will be able to finally meet them.,” said Payne.

For freshmen, this is their first college homecoming and there is a lot to look forward to.. “I am super excited for homecoming! The combined Alma Choirs performance is on Saturday and it will be my first college performance,” said Johnston. “I am so happy to be a member of such an

engaging, kind and talented community. I have met so many amazing people already and I know that it is going to be amazing!”

Similar to students, staff are looking forward to this weekend as well. “I am looking forward to the choir concert on Saturday night,” said Cera Babb, director of Alma College chorale. “It will be an opportunity for students to connect with each other, alumni and the community through music. Celebrating this homecoming with meaningful music will be rewarding and powerful for everyone involved. The concert will be at 6pm outside the Heritage Center. We look forward to seeing everyone there!”

Alma College focuses on homecoming so that students of the past, present and even potential future students can enjoy their time on campus. Homecoming takes place the first weekend in October, starting on October first and ending on the third. More details can be found on the Alma College website for updates on events as new details are announced.

With not being able to hold a normal homecoming weekend in 2020 due to the pandemic, students, faculty and alumni alike are excited to come back and hold this celebration of what we all hold in common, Alma College.

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