Sorority and Fraternity Recruitment

Hannah Stiffler


September 13th, 2021.

One of the largest set of organizations on Alma College’s campus is Fraternity and Sorority Life. Each semester, fraternities and sororities have recruitment. This means that organizations are able to have new members join.

Sorority recruitment begins on September 25th until October 1st. The overall theme of sorority recruitment is Mamma Mia/ABBA, however each house can have their own theme. This recruitment is a called formal recruitment, which is the biggest recruitment of the year allowing freshmen through seniors to sign up, using the following link: enroll.icsrecruiter.com/pan/almaco.

Throughout this week, potential new members will have the opportunity to attend three different rounds in order to find the sorority best for them. The five sororities on campus are as follows: Alpha Gamma Delta, Alpha Xi Delta, Gamma Phi Beta, Kappa Iota and Phi Sigma Sigma.

The first round of recruitment is an open house, then philanthropy and finally placement.

“COVID-allowing, we want to hold as many rounds inside as we can,” said Sarah Shethelm (‘22) President of Panhelletic Council and Rho Gamma and a neutral member during recruitment. “We want PNMs (potential new members) to be able to see the houses if possible. We are working with the ever-changing COVID-19 policies to allow our recruitment this year to go as smoothly as possible.”

Despite the circumstances of COVID-19, bid day and walkouts for sororities will still take place. Shethelm said, “Bid day/walk-outs is my favorite day of the year. Being able to watch the PNMs I’ve worked with for the past week makes me excited to run home for the first time.”

A potential new member can expect “a lot of things, but most of all, expect to change your mind. You can go through the whole week thinking you want to go to one organization, but it only takes one round to change your mind and that is okay! It’s what we want” said Shethelm.

Any questions regarding sorority recruitment can be directed to Madison Hall at hall1mm@alma.edu.

Fraternity recruitment is now until October 1st. This semester is an informal rush for fraternities. This recruitment allows sophomores through seniors to attend rush events that are held by fraternities. Fraternities may hold their recruitment events indoors, outdoors, off campus or on campus until bids are given out starting on October 1st.

The five fraternities on campus are as follows: Delta Gamma Tau, Phi Mu Alpha, Sigma Chi, Tau Kappa Epsilon and Zeta Sigma.

Zane Stanton (‘22), Interfratertity Council President, says potential new members should expect “a welcoming community of cool people who want to try to find family or friends on campus.”

Next semester will be formal fraternity recruitment where freshmen will have the opportunity to rush a fraternity. At that time, there will be runouts where fraternities welcome new members to their organizations.

Continue to look for more information on the rush list and fraternity rush events by following IFC or other fraternity pages on Instagram. Any questions about fraternity rush can be directed to Zane Stanton at stanton1za@alma.edu.

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